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Have a cabin to retreat to this fall? Dreaming of one? Either way, we’ve got a stash of awesome goodies to make whatever your space is a cabin-inspired haven. 
Enamel is for camping and cabins, and we love it all! Enjoy this rustic, vintage-inspired coffee pot and try not to think of the one in The Hateful Eight. Yikes!

If you’re baking pies and cakes, or cooking a big meal, these bowls will come in handy for prepping, mixing, and separating.

This charming shaker looks like a galaxy… a magical galaxy that whips up drinks!

Eggs for breakfast! Use this enamel pan inside or out!

This old fashioned popcorn popper is a crowd-pleaser for the fireplace or the campfire.

Use these indoors or outdoors. That’s what enamelware is for!

Of course you need a brown and white cowhide for your space. Perfect for the bedroom or living room, this piece will be the star wherever it is.

Incorporate lots of different colors with this Indian kilim pattern. Layered rugs and cabin-like spaces go hand-in-hand.

It’s like a sweater for your sofa! A cabin isn’t complete without plenty of cozy throws near the fireplace. (Or just near the Netflix).

Not sure what to cook at the cabin? Let this be your (vegetarian) guide. Dining out seems silly once you’ve created a cabin-style oasis for you and your family.

You and your guests will smell like nature (in a good way) when you stash this in the shower.

Striped sheets are great for any space, but these stripes are barn red. They belong in the country.

Make your table feel down-home and chic at the same time with this plaid that’s a little more city than country.

Yes, your pooch deserves to get in on the fun. Bonus: When not in use, this chic leash adds to the decor of the entryway.

It doesn’t need to be all reds and plaids. Opt for a bit of a nautical look to compliment the rest.

This fluffy pillow is not only comfy, but it compliments other pillows and textures in your space, too.

Balance warm colors and checked patterns with this calm color-blocked cover by Eastern Accents.

Cedar, spruce, sandalwood, mint, and orange make up the delicious smell of this all-natural candle. It’s perfect for cozy autumn nights indoors.

These candles were made for a cowboy, but are perfect for anyone who likes a rugged scent and look.

Patchwork quilt? How about a patchwork couch? Boom.

Bring some childhood nostalgia into the space as a reminder of all things you love about roughin’ it.

This fun pillow is great for a kids’ room or as a quirky addition to your couch!

Yeah, we’re getting fancy with our s’mores. You should, too. (We still love the old fashioned variety too though, don’t worry).

Top this smoky syrup on waffles, pancakes, or add it to drinks that need a unique bite.

What’s for breakfast (or dinner)? Here’s your answer. Let the best pancake flipper in the family whip up a batch.

This sleek, gorgeous ottoman is the perfect place to rest your tired feet. Get the matching chair to boot.

Wear this while cooking a hearty meal or tending to the backyard gardening!

Yes, you can take the woodsy vibe into the bathroom. Accessories like these would work perfectly in a powder room.

This coffee table book on beautiful birds is perfect for a cottage in the woods. (Or an apartment in the city that wishes it was one)!

Keep these classic mugs around for cocktails, cold drinks, and more for a rustic but classy feel in your bar.

For bear-y delicious drinks!

If you’ve got a baby along for the retreat or a nursery to decorate, start with this adorable decoration.

You’re probably going to be drinking some vino at your cabin. Let these creatures help you keep it fresh!

This chic fox portrait marries woodsy with modern.

There is no better feeling than putting that key in the door. Keep track of them with this darling set of vintage-style tags!