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By Cora L. Diekman

They’re no longer exclusive to boho designs – a well placed hammock can inject a bit of fun and add an ultra-comfy seating solution to any space.  This modern open-concept room looks perfectly inviting thanks to this simple hammock hanging between two pre-existing columns.

If you crave beach vibes year round, a macrame hammock can bring that feeling indoors in even the coldest of winters.  Take a tip from this design that utilizes soft blue hues and lush green plant life to create an irresistible indoor oasis with plenty of coastal feels.

Where a couch would block the light and view, a hammock is almost invisible in this

small living room

.  Plus, the addition of a hammock in this sophisticated, buttoned-up space is pure design genius.

If your dream reading nook has always called for a comfy chair, this space may change your mind.  A cozy hammock placed near a window provides the ideal spot for page turning.

When a small apartment has you fighting for every square inch, a hammock can take the place of a space-hogging reading chair and open up some room on the ground level.

Any hammock can feel boho, but nothing nails the Bohemian-vibe better than macrame.  Also, we’re loving the genius DIY storage solution over the top.

When your bedroom has you choosing between a bed or a chair, a hammock can strike the perfect compromise.

This dreamy bedroom allows you to enjoy the outdoors year round.  Protected by a sunroom, this hammock is the perfect way to relax in a space that feels both outside and in.  And can we talk about that soft cream palette?  Simply lovely.

In a kid’s room (or even if you’re sharing space with kids), a colorful hammock is a must.

This is actually a room in the Hotel Daniel – a modern boutique hotel located in Vienna.  A recent renovation proves that even posh, upscale digs are improved by a simple hammock.

We spotted this inviting space on Instagram – a great way to utilize an awkward or empty corner in the home.

This converted Victorian warehouse in London is the home of famed designer Ilse Crawford.  There’s something about that hammock and the endless walls of books that has us thinking this could be the lazy Sunday of our dreams.

Where a chair would feel cluttered, this hammock feels light, airy, and minimal. Placed next to doors to the patio, it gives a feeling of bringing the outside in.

Look closely – yes, that’s a makeshift hammock in the rafters.  While this loft has ample room for additional ground-level seating, we’re assuming this homeowner prefers to relax with a view.

This space spotted on Instagram reminds us that the window isn’t the only place suitable for a hammock.  Because nothing sounds cozier in chilly weather than napping fireside.

We’ll just refer to this as the Moroccan vacation of our dreams.

The advantage of a hammock swing (besides being seriously chic) is that they require only one point of attachment.  Freestanding hammock stands are also available for apartment dwellers when drilling into the ceiling is simply not an option.

Yes – a hammock can absolutely work with Scandinavian designs, and this lovely black and white version is proof.

A hammock strung between a window and a wood burning stove is the best of both worlds.

Think hammocks only come in beige?  Think again.  This version pops with pattern and color.

A hammock transforms an average kid’s room into a whimsical space where kids (and adults, too) can sneak in a well-deserved nap.