18 dip-dyed diys that are all kinds of easy

easy two-toned crafts for every room of your house.

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Whether you prefer paint or actual dye, adding a dipped effect to your home decor is a DIY we can’t resist. Easy enough to do with your kids (with your help, of course!) and sophisticated enough to decorate with in any home, it’s easy to see why people dip-dye anything they can get their hands on.

half a picture frame (picture included)

Painting over your friends’ faces in a group shot probably won’t go over that well… OR be visually pleasing. If you’re into this idea, choose a cheap vintage print instead.


Okay, okay. So this might be more “ombre” than “dip-dyed”, but the visual is so stunning (and affordable) it doesn’t even matter.


As well all know, keeping holiday decorations up through every season is an easy way to stay festive. Our favorite decor item to keep around is ornaments—especially the colorblocked kind. We love these wood ornaments painted with pastels.

wood utensils

Similar to the wood ornaments, we’re all for painting the handles of wood utensils. This is the easiest way to bring pops of color into your kitchen if you’re struggling to spice up your whitewashed rental. If you lean towards more Scandinavian-inspired designs, paint the ends grey or black instead.


There’s nothing we love more than a good furniture hack. Paint half (a quarter, or really any fraction) of your dresser, making sure to leave some exposed wood finish for a modern look.

place card holder

This DIY proves dipping just about anything into paint is a good idea. These funky place cards mix nature and neon in the perfect way.

plant pots

These white ceramic, neon dip-dyed succulent pots are an alternative to adding pastel or neutral-colored paint to larger terracotta pots.


Make your standard tall, cylindrical vases more unique by adding paint colors in the same color family to the top.

glass jars

Similar to DIY-ing your vases, you can add paint to any glass jar and turn it into a vase. Use a different technique to add paint to the bottom of the jar before turning it over so the paint literally drips before it dries.


Dip-dyed legs is one of our favorite ways to add personality to an otherwise plain stool. You can purchase variations of these stools (domino loves these Serena & Lily), but DIY-ing is always fun and affordable.


Personalize your own stationery by dipping plain white notecards into your choice color of dye. The result will be a nice watercolor effect.


Crush some crayons, melt, and dip for a gradient-colored candle. This is a great way to add color to basic white candles without buying an expensive dish or different scent.


Two-toned baskets (especially used as planters) have us really excited. Dipping is the way to go, just make sure to create a defined line by painting an evenly across the divide post-dipping.

wall hangings

Wall hangings are EXPENSIVE. Make your own—and add some color—by tying dip-dyed yarn around an old branch. Let different lengths of yarn soak in the dye for different periods of time for a more gradient look.


Impress your dinner guests with these homemade napkins. Simply dunk, dye, repeat, and enjoy.


Accent your bargain silverware with colors that compliment your dishware for a kitschy vibe. Add painter’s tape, dip or spray paint, and you’re done!


Though this is more “two-toned” and less “dip-dyed”, we’re including it because it’s one of our absolute favorite paint trends.


As if filling dinosaur figurines with succulents isn’t cool enough, create a two-toned mini planter with gold and

white paint

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