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Whether you’re still growing your succulent collection or have moved on to bigger and better plants like the fiddle leaf fig, you’re going to want to get in on the latest trend: Basket planters. Yes, the new, coolest way to pot your plant is in a woven basket. Unfortunately, there aren’t many cute baskets made specifically for plants being sold. Luckily, DIY-ing your own planter with any basket is easy.

step 1: buy a basket

For larger baskets, handles are popular, as well as a two-toned design. Stick to the neutral, natural colors of wood or opt for a colorful pattern. If you see a single-colored basket you love but wish it was more colorful, simply DIY with painters tape and spray or acrylic paint! If you’re on a budget, check Ikea (they even have a planter basket!), T.J. Maxx, World Market, and Bed Bath & Beyond. Crate and Barrel, West Elm, and domino also have a wide selection baskets in all colors and sizes.

step 2: purchase a plant

Steps one and two can be done in reverse order—you’re either catering to the size of your plant or the size of your basket! If you find your basket first, make sure to get a plant that is potted in a container at least 2-3 inches smaller in diameter than the size of your basket. The same logic applies if you buy your plant first—look for a basket a few inches bigger. A variety of popular plants can be found at your local hardware or gardening shops.

step 3: find a pot

Yes, technically your basket is your pot, but not really. Repeat after me: Never keep your plant in the same plastic container you purchase it in. Your plant’s roots need room to grow and keeping it in a small pot like that will ensure you’ll never be granted green thumb status. Also, make sure whatever pot you buy has drainage holes on the bottom. Feel free to buy a clay or plastic pot—both will work just fine. If you have a flimsier basket, getting a sturdier pot will ensure it won’t tip over. On the other hand, a plastic pot will be easier to drop into your basket. Just make sure it fits in your basket before transferring your plant.

step 4: get a plastic bottom

Make sure to settle a plastic tray in the bottom of your basket for water drainage. If your basket gets soggy, mold will grow aplenty—and all of your hard work will go to waste. Make sure to check the tray for extra water every once in awhile, because it will probably start to smell if it’s left there for long. Don’t worry, this step can cost you as little as one dollar.

step 5: plant and enjoy

Transfer your plant to it’s new pot, adding mineral-rich soil suited for your specific plant around it to fill in the extra space. Once your plant is nice and comfy in it’s new plastic or clay home, slip the pot into your basket and your project will be complete!