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The idea for Garden Glory, a new line of elevated garden tools and outdoor accessories, came to founder Linda Brattlöf shortly after moving into her home on the west coast of Sweden. Prepared to spend a sunny afternoon gardening in her new backyard, Brattlöf’s excitement quickly fizzled when she discovered what she had to work with: a dull green hose and an aggressively orange nozzle—everything was so ordinary. “I searched all over for a nice-looking garden hose to match the rest of the house, but everything looked the same,” she remembers. 

When Brattlöf realized she wasn’t going to find what she was looking for at her local hardware store, she decided to do us all a favor and create her own assortment of design-minded accessories. Leopard-print nozzles, talon-like hose mounts, and lion-shaped plant pots are a few of the fierce products you’ll find in Garden Glory’s lineup, with prices ranging from $49 for smaller pieces to $469 for multi-item kits. “It’s important to me that we all stand out and not just follow how everything is or how it’s supposed to be,” says Brattlöf. 

It’s safe to say these five Garden Glory tools won’t be collecting dust in your shed anytime soon.  


The Hose

Rusty Rosé Hose (1)
Rusty Rose Garden Hose, Garden Glory ($99)

If Barbie’s Dreamhouse had a backyard, to boot, she’d definitely do her watering with this rose-hued hose in hand. (Psst, it comes in six other colors if bubblegum isn’t for you.)

The Spade

Crystal spade (1)
Crystal Diamond Spade, Garden Glory ($69)

Planting a new garden bed might not be the most glamorous way to spend your Sunday, but this gorgeous brass spade will make the hard work worth it. 

The Watering Can

Watering Can in Jade, Garden Glory ($59)

This diamond-shaped watering can will be the crown jewel of your windowsill when not in use.

The Gloves

Garden Glove Silver Bullet, Garden Glory ($59)

Ill-fitting gloves are a green thumb’s kryptonite, so try this superflexible synthetic leather pair on for size. 


The Wall Mount

Claw Hose Holder, Garden Glory ($199)

Your new hose is going to need a proper home. We’d choose this wall-mounted falcon-claw holder over a dingy plastic rack any day.  

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