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Whether you’re simply regrowing your scallions or digging your hands in the dirt to plant some perennials, gardening certainly sparks joy—and the woman behind the phrase would wholeheartedly agree. Marie Kondo’s latest addition to her online shop includes tools and accessories that any level of green thumb can appreciate.

Gardening is a meditative process—it takes a lot of patience to wait for your plants to finally sprout, so it’s not exactly something you can rush through. A beautiful trowel and tiny garden scissors aren’t necessary to help your herbs flourish, but they can make the experience of gradually, lovingly tending to them feel a bit more special (not to mention, they would make a great gift for the plant lover who might not need yet another plant).

The standout item from the launch, though, is a selection of seven types of heirloom vegetable seeds from Japan’s Kansai region: Nebuka Japanese bunching onion, Hinona Kabu turnip, Kamo eggplant, Katsura giant pickling melon, Kyoto red carrot, mibuna, and Shishigatani kabocha Japanese pumpkin. For $40, you can get a whole summer’s (and early fall’s) worth of fresh produce that you grow yourself. Never planted anything from seeds before? Never fear—we have the tips to get you started. Soon enough, you’ll be able to call yourself a true homesteader.

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