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When she’s not charming the nation’s messiest folks into rescuing their joy-inducing sweaters from closet obscurity, Marie Kondo throws a mean dinner party. “When I invite people over, of course I want to have a Japanese flair,” she says—which may be why a clay donabe is one of her favorite items from her just-launched store. Turns out, she loves entertaining so much that the most memorable holiday gifts she’s received all revolve around the concept. 

The two types of presents she loves most? Tea—she drinks it every day—and nori, a kind of edible seaweed. “This might be kind of puzzling to you, but in Japan, high-quality nori is very much cherished,” she tells us. Toss in a couple candles (tapered, for a simple, elegant centerpiece) and you have yourself a Kondo-approved package for a frequent host.

As for what a Marie Kondo soiree looks like, “I do a sushi party—I like making hand-rolled sushi,” she says. Picture groups of friends gathered around a table (donabe piled high with rice in the middle, of course) and eating family-style. She likes to finish off with a small tea ceremony, passing around cups of white tea or matcha to wind down. Needless to say, we’re hoping for an invite to her next shindig. 

Feeling inspired to throw your own Kondo-esque sushi party in 2020? You’ll need a few tools. Add these picks to your wish list and thank us later: 

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