Market Selection by Julia Stevens

Published on November 17, 2019

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We all have someone on our list who’s impossible to shop for. With an eye on everything buzzy, they’re one step ahead when it comes to what’s in their carts. That chic coat you saw on Instagram? They preordered it last week. Great Jones’s must-have pot? Please, they already have it in the cobalt blue. Well, Team Domino has many of these friends among our ranks (seriously, try finding a gift for a market editor!), so we’re here to help. 

We’ve gathered 14 of our favorite, ultra-unique products to inspire you to push the envelope when it comes to Secret Santa and beyond. You’re sure to impress even the pickiest of friends with one of these choices, and, if not, you can always keep it for yourself. A win-win, really. 

Pro tip: Go ahead and buy two bottles of this olive oil, because we can guarantee you’ll want to keep one for yourself. Made from 100 percent organic Koroneiki olives sourced from seaside farms in the Peloponnese (yes, really), Oracle’s unique blend has notes of artichoke and blood orange, instantly transporting you to southern Greece. 

There are few things most of us love more than cheese. Unfortunately, gift wrapping a chunk of Cheddar, no matter how fancy, is decidedly impractical. But a cheese board, the dependable sidekick of our beloved dairy product? A foolproof gift—like vases, you can never have too many. 

Hot-drink season is in full swing, so an artfully designed mug to add to the cupboard will be much appreciated. These are made from three different types of stone marbled together and no two are exactly the same.

Bon Appétit It girl and viral sensation (thanks to #TheStew) Alison Roman is back with her sophomore cookbook featuring easy-to-execute recipes for school nights through to the weekend. As she says, “It’s unfussy food paired with unstuffy vibes.” 

Give the gift that keeps on giving—linen sheets so soft (they’re made from 100 percent French flax linen) that you won’t want to get out of bed in the morning (or ever). Choose the Build Your Own Bundle set for the mix-and-match bedding of (and for) your dreams. 

This vibrant handmade glass ring dish is designed to wow. It’s the ideal piece to house the items most likely to drown in your coat pockets, but it’s also eye candy when completely empty. Cue the gushing thank-you note. 

Practical gifts often end up being the most enjoyed, and these brass bookends, with their sculptural flair, are as beautiful as they are useful. They’re all you need to spice up a desk or boring bookshelf—plus, giving your books some love is simply a great way to start the new year. 

Plenty of people own hot-water bottles, but most don’t have the perfect cover to turn theirs into a chic nightstand accessory. Whether you’re warding off aches and pains or just wanting to cozy up, this hand-cut sheepskin design from Toast is our current favorite. 

Meet Jus Jus, the sparkling “hangover-free bottle of bubbles” created by Salad for President author Julia Sherman after a run-in with homemade, accidentally fermented verjus (aka the juice of unripened grapes). Not quite wine but not quite traditional verjus, there’s nothing else like it on the market. 

An “appliance elevated to art,” this electric kettle is the ultimate tea-routine upgrade. With a thermally insulated base (set it straight on the counter!) as impressive as its folded fabric–like appearance, your 3 p.m. work break just got a lot more exciting. 

Sometimes the best things really do come in small packages. The Google Nest Mini is compact enough to blend in with your console vignette but still packs a punch with big sound, improved voice recognition, and endless tricks—control the air-conditioning, the lights, and your music!—to make life around the house easier. 

We might be a little biased, but what could be a better gift than a year’s supply of Domino magazine? Pick your favorite friends and deliver inspiration to their mailboxes with quarterly issues made to bring our favorite homes into yours.

Does everybody need an eggcup? Depends on your breakfast preferences. Is this adorable ceramic one a must-have for the holidays regardless? Absolutely. If your friends are not in the mood for a European-style brunch, they could always use it as a bedside jewelry catchall.

The holidays mean a lot of cooking, so this cute butter warmer is a must. Made from enameled carbon steel, this one from Food52’s collaboration with Dansk Kobenstyle promises Scandi-inspired sauce sure to thrill your relatives. 

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