Published on December 14, 2017

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Photography by PHUONG NGUYEN
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Photography by PHUONG NGUYEN

They say giving is better than receiving—and we’ve got the research to prove it: Social psychologist Elizabeth Dunn of the University of British Columbia discovered in a 2008 study that when she gave 46 students an envelope of cash, those that spent the money on others reported to be happier at the end of the day than those who spent it on themselves.

But, what if you gave a gift that you could also enjoy? Giving while receiving. It might sound a bit selfish, but a gift that both you and your roommate or significant other can share just might be the best of both worlds because it gives you the opportunity to enjoy the gift together, while spending time together.

If we haven’t convinced you yet, allow the gifts to speak for themselves: Here’s a list of ideas that will certainly please your roommate or live-in significant other, but are secretly also for you as well.

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Photography by Amazon

Echo Dot, Amazon, $29.99

This little guy does it all for you: plays music, control smart home devices, make calls, sends and receives messages, provides any and all info, reads the news for you (who has time to read on their own anymore?!), sets alarms and timers, and reads audiobooks from Audible (again, who has time to read?!). And, hey, Alexa is great to have in a public space, like the kitchen or living room too. So really, more than one person can share and enjoy her time-saving brilliance.

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Photography by Urban Outfitters

12-Piece Dinnerware Set, Urban Outfitters, $79

Oh, what’s this? A 12-piece dinnerware set gift that will be set out in the kitchen cabinets, for all to enjoy? Oh, how convenient for everyone involved, what a coincidence…

Not only is it convenient, this on-trend set makes a treasured gift with it’s millennial pink color, and sleek and minimal design.

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Photography by Hawkins New York

Recycled Glassware Set, Hawkins New York, $72

Glass tumblers, handblown in Morocco? Wow, someone would really love this. And you might just get to enjoy these glasses, too. Perfect for everyday use, but also cocktails and special occasions. You are so thoughtful!

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Photography by Tom Dixon

Bump Teapot, Tom Dixon, $160

A gorgeous teapot that they’ll treasure forever? Yep. And it might just earn you a cup of tea for life, too. A foolproof win for the avid tea aficionado in your life.

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Photography by Muuto

Salt and Pepper Grinder, Norway Says and Muuto, $74

A stunning work of art and brilliance that just so happens to be a salt and pepper grinder? Wow, how fabulous, what a perfect gift for your recipient to proudly display on the kitchen room table for everyone to admire and enjoy.

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Photography by Mociun

Waiter’s Knife Malachite, Mociun, $65

The type of gift they’ll love forever, but can never seem to spring to buy for themselves. This stunning bottle opener is handmade in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and is bound to be the talk of all upcoming dinner parties that you’re recipient will surely feel inspired now to throw just to show off this bottle opener.

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Photography by CB2

Hex Teak Wood Large Serving Board, CB2, $79.95

Maybe you’ll happened to have a selection of cheese and charcuterie at the ready as your roommate unwrapped this gorgeous wooden serving board—what a coincidence!

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Photography by Aelfie

Aelfie Wavy Grid Throw, Domino, $148.99

A throw so beautiful your recipient will want to display in the living room for all to see. Made in the USA, machine washable, and 100 percent guaranteed to love.

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Photography by Winc

Wine Club, Winc, $13 and up

Give them so much wine they can’t help but to share it. And so much wine is already just a really nice gift, especially come winter when nestling inside is already a great idea.

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Photography by Aera

Automated Diffuser, Aera, $99

The gift of an amazingly scented apartment or house without any effort is really the ultimate gift, right? And the Aera is so potent and powerful (but can be subtle if they wish), it’ll scent your entire living space (can we come over), so it’s really a win for everyone involved. And it can be controlled from your phone, which is pretty baller.

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Photography by MARTHA & MARLEY SPOON

Food Meal Plan, Martha & Marley Spoon, $48 and up

It just so happens that this gift makes two or four delicious meals per plan, so you should definitely offer to help your house mate out when she’s making dinner.

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Photography by Netflix

Monthly Subscription, Netflix, $10.99

If they are sharing on someone else’s plan, or haven’t had to the joy of experiencing The Crown and all the custom programming that Netflix enjoys, this is an easy and quick gift to give.

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