Published on May 27, 2019

Courtesy of Martyn Thompson Studio

Given the resurgence of ’70s-inspired decor in interiors, it was only a matter of time before tie-dye made a comeback.

An inspired art form, it can be traced back thousands of years—manifested as shibori in Japan and Indonesia, bandhani in Rajasthan, and in indigo dye pits in Africa, to name a few. Half a century ago, tie-dye became the pinnacle of the hippie movement, later graduating to the unofficial-official uniform of soccer teams nationwide. But that’s neither here nor there.

Capturing the spirit of tie-dye, these items aren’t quite what one might imagine. You could characterize them somewhere between the old-school version and a gradient rainbow with a paint-splattered finish. The new riff on the motif downplays the intensity of the original, incorporating fresh colors and designs. Read on to see our favorite renditions of the look—you’re going to want to get in on it soon.

In Rainbow

More in line with the O.G. scheme, 2019’s take on the classic embodies a pared-down look with muted tones.  

Upgrade your fruit bowl

This vintage piece features swirls of sweet pastels and will brighten up any table.

Get proper shut-eye

Dyed with natural botanicals, a good night’s sleep is just a silk eye mask away.

Reupholster a lounge chair

Give an outdated piece a new lease on life with this vivid, paint-splattered pattern.

Inspired by the Sun

Vibrant and saturated with personality, these pieces are all about color.

Embrace perfect pairs

A marbled finish emulates the bleed of a classic tie-dye with a cleaner, tonal look.

Ditch the all-white bedding

Slip this saturated set into your bedding rotation for a well-deserved refresh right in time for summer.

Entertain like a pro

It’s all in the details with this one: Flower-dyed linen with delicately frayed edges exudes effortless cool.

Moody Blues

Cool blues never go out of style, and these rad picks are no exception.

Keep your books in line

A unique handmade pair of bookends is prime for adding a burst of color to your shelves.

Wrap yourself in a mood

Use it as a shawl or scarf—or casually drape it at the foot of the bed.

Revive the sofa

With its medley of gray, purple, and soft green hues, this inspired throw pillow is a fresh play on shibori.