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It’s no secret that we love flowers—whether freshly cut or artificial, blooms are a brilliant way to brighten up your abode. And of course, a chic container to show them off is a must. If you’re anything like us, you’ve amassed quite the collection of vases over the years—many of which are probably pretty generic (and dare we say it, boring).

But before you toss them out to make space for shiny new keepsakes, consider their potential: Refurbishing old items is a great way to both save money and flex your creative chops. Plus, there’s something about doing it yourself that’s just so satisfying.

Whether you’re new to the DIY game or have been at it for years, these at-home projects are the perfect way to channel your inner artist and create some one-of-a-kind displays.

Paint-Dipped Vase

Who doesn’t have a couple of ceramic vases lying around the house? Jazz ‘em up with pink paint. This tutorial from Lovely Indeed is beyond easy—simply flip, dip, and let drip.

Temporary Tattoo Vase

You’d never guess it, but this adorable design is really a temporary tattoo. This DIY from The Crafted Life requires only four items—a ceramic bottle vase, temporary tattoos, water, and a sponge—and takes just two minutes.

Holographic Vase

Looking to add some futuristic flare to your decor? This DIY from A Beautiful Mess is a great way to experiment with the holographic trend, without going overboard.

Wrapped Patterned Vase

Give a plain vase a revamp with patterned wallpaper. You can score sample pieces for pennies at your local home decor store, which makes this project from A Kailo Chic Life not only beautiful, but also totally budget-friendly.


Neon Typography Bud Vase

Looking to add a pop of color to your space? This do-it-yourself typography vase from A Kailo Chic Life combines neon vinyl and gold foil, and you can personalize each piece with words or phrases.

Painted Bottle Vase

One of our favorite things about DIY is its ability to breathe new life into objects we might have otherwise discarded. Homey Oh My demonstrates that spray paint can totally transform a non distinct glass bottle into an exhibition-worthy accent.


Floral Vase

Florals are always in style, so embrace your inner Monet with this paint-your-own-pattern vase from A Beautiful Mess. Pick up a few tubes of acrylic paint at the craft store, and let your imagination run wild.

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