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Lillian Ahenkan lives life in Technicolor. The DJ, TV presenter, and podcast host known on Instagram as Flex Mami is celebrated for her bright and bold personal style, which extends from her wardrobe to her apartment. Her latest decor addition? A bubblegum pink spray-foam mirror that hangs on her bedroom wall. “I was scrolling Instagram, which is truly the place where all good ideas are conceived, when I saw a similar piece by Studio Anna Thoma,” recalls Ahenkan.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, she picked up an inexpensive mirror from Kmart and a few hardware store supplies, then got to work. “Spray foam is a very inconsistent material and has a mind of its own,” says Ahenkan. After a few test rounds to get comfortable with the process (you have to work fast and neatly to avoid it expanding in the tube before it settles on the right surface), she created her masterpiece in just a day. 

The final touch: a playful pink hue chosen by her followers in an Instagram poll. “Initially, I was planning on using a metallic emerald green, which I axed because it looked too froggy—in a bad way,” says Ahenkan. Here, she lays out the steps to make your own DIY piece. Rookies, this super-easy project is perfect for you. 

What You’ll Need:

  • A mirror
  • Expanding spray foam
  • A tarp or newspaper
  • Spray paint

Step 1: Prep Your Area

Lay the tarp down on your work surface. It should be two or three times as large as your mirror. (Spray foam is messy, and you’ll want to avoid extra-avoidable cleaning!) Also, make sure you’re in a well-ventilated area.

Step 2: Elevate Your Mirror

Lay your mirror faceup on the tarp. It’s ideal to place something like a can of soup or a shoebox between the mirror and the tarp so the spray foam doesn’t stick to it. 

Step 3: Get Spraying

Now it’s time to apply the foam to the mirror. Warning: It will expand to be about two times the size as it dries. Test the nozzle on a spare piece of paper so you’re comfortable with how it works. Spray onto the border of the mirror in a zigzag motion. It adds more texture. Leave the foam to cure overnight.

Step 4: Add Color

You could leave it white, but spray foam yellows over time, so I recommend spray-painting it in a gloss or matte finish in the color of your choice. First, cover the mirrored surface with newspaper as you paint so you don’t mark it up. Let dry overnight, then hang and enjoy your bubblegum-like creation. 

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