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Courtesy of Bed Threads

Bed Threads founder Genevieve Rosen-Biller takes us inside the homes of Australia’s top designers and creatives. 

Is there anything she can’t do? Usually, that’s a rhetorical quip used to describe how multitalented someone is, but when it comes to Flex Mami, the answer is an unequivocal no. Born Lillian Ahenkan, Flex is a writer, international DJ, TV presenter, creator of the wildly successful ReFlex card game, and cohost of the hugely popular podcast Bobo and Flex. (Told you we weren’t playing.) Preaching self-love, liberation, and female empowerment to an engaged online community searching for authentic connection, Flex is an influencer who impacts your life in a positive, productive way.

All that’s without mentioning her feverishly trendy style. Fuchsia and lilac punctuate her apartment. Olive-and-white–checkered floors set the tone for an eclectic space. At Flex’s, everywhere you look there is a celebration of color and pattern. Local illustrators and artists like Ailie Banks and Serwah Attafuah hang on the walls. Speaking of art, Flex’s wardrobe is an avant-garde exhibition in itself, boasting an enviable horde of beaded handbags and a sunglass collection that would make Elton John weak at the knees.

Courtesy of Bed Threads

What was your decorating thought process for this apartment?

I wanted a space that felt just like me. I’ve never lived in a place that was a reflection of me, ever. I’ve done the whole white-on-white thing, and I’ve done the share-house with the friend, where you get whatever you can afford and throw it in. For this one, I wanted to exist in a home in which I like the things that are in it and they reflect me.

Courtesy of Bed Threads

What is your favorite thing in your home?

It would absolutely be my blue twill sectional sofa. Not because it’s the most aesthetically exciting thing I own, but because I truly use it to death and would be at least 14 percent less happy without it.

Courtesy of Bed Threads

What are your top tips for a well-styled space?

Put things in it that you like, not just what you can afford. I feel like there’s a lot of rhetoric around getting pieces for now, and then when you’ve got the money, getting something you actually like. I think it’s easier to go without than to get stuck with things, and you’d sooner go to an op-shop and get standby furniture and then get the good stuff that you want. Start how you intend to finish.

What is your favorite color combination right now, and why?

Mustard yellow, rose pink, and sky blue. The amalgamation of the three fulfills my interior brief of fun, premium, and childlike (but not childish).

Courtesy of Bed Threads

What’s on your decorating wish list?

There is this incredible collaboration between Toilet Paper magazine and a furniture company called Fenton & Fenton. They’ve just released an amazing Volcano armchair that I really want to get to replace the chair in my dressing room.

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