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The spartan, pared-back look of Alexandria Park’s apartment might mirror her personal style, but it certainly doesn’t reflect her workload. The artist, fashion buyer, and founder of AJP Studio—her creative atelier—has a lot on her plate. But in her light-drenched home, there isn’t a stack of paperwork or tangle of cords in sight. 

Styled in a tonal palette of tan, cream, and shades of beige, Park’s space is a meditative ode to minimalism and simplicity. A careful curation of her work takes pride of place on walls, introducing subtle strokes of pale blue, yellow, and orange into the otherwise neutral space. This is where her vision truly shines.

Courtesy of Bed Threads

How did you initially know this was the space for you?

What really won us over was the beautiful big porch that you see as soon as you walk in. We instantly pictured ourselves entertaining friends with long lunches during the warmer months, and I could especially see myself setting up a spot to paint each day. We first saw the space around dusk, and the light at that very moment was spectacular. It really resonated with me, and we both knew it was right. The place evokes a sense of solace and stillness; it’s very much a sanctuary.

Courtesy of Bed Threads

How does your home reflect you as a person?

It’s important to me that my home feels lived-in, but by the same token I crave order—it plays to my perfectionist side. I also try not to let my style be too influenced by trends. I like to maintain this value across all parts of my life.

Have you always been an artist?

Always. I went through our old family photo albums recently and stumbled across a few photos of myself with my younger sister, painting in the backyard. Yesterday’s newspaper was our canvas, and mum would proudly hang our finished works across the fence for everyone to see.

Courtesy of Bed Threads

Tell us about your bedroom; what do you do in there aside from, um, the obvious?

Our bedroom is a place for self-preservation and relaxation. I try not to take work and stress into this environment. It’s important to me that I use the space to recharge and reflect. I love our rattan headboard because it reminds me of being on vacation and provides a great sense of escapism while relaxing in bed.

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