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Courtesy of Bed Threads

Every week, Bed Threads founder Genevieve Rosen-Biller takes us inside the homes of Australia’s top designers and creatives. 

Photographer and artist Dina Broadhurst is naturally drawn to shiny things. Specializing in photographic collage, she incorporates glitter, metallic paper, jewels, and even crystals into her work. When it comes to her art-making process, Broadhurst will tell you herself that she is a fanatical collector of things—“I file everything away, it’s the Virgo in me.”

But you wouldn’t guess it when entering her light-filled Sydney terrace home, which reads more curated than cluttered. Her glossy photomontages hang on every wall, mid-century pieces offset contemporary geometric sculptures, and photography books and fashion magazines pepper most surfaces. Just don’t expect to be able to flip through any of them—almost everything is already cut out.

When did your appreciation for art begin?

Courtesy of Bed Threads

I have always made collages taken photographs and painted so in that respect, I have always been an artist. My career took a few forms before selling my art, and they are intertwined in a lot of ways. I was a makeup artist, then I worked in fashion PR and advertising, and as an interior designer before moving full time into the art world.

Did you do any renovations or make any big changes after moving in?

Courtesy of Bed Threads

The terrace house is a rental and we were very lucky that it was renovated just before we moved in. It was a blank canvas and I’ve added my personal touches throughout. The natural light is beautiful and fantastic to work in.

What are your favorite pieces in your home?

Courtesy of Bed Threads

Courtesy of Bed Threads

I have a few: the Mies Van De Rohe tan leather dining chairs with a corset tie to the back and a vintage clear Perspex coffee table that houses and displays all my favorite books. It was given to me by a friend. I love collecting mid-century vintage furniture for its sculptural and material elements.

Do you have any special decor pieces you’re looking to add?

Courtesy of Bed Threads

I am always buying chairs and art but at the moment, I’m obsessed with ceramics and want to get a full dinner set from Alex and Trahanas with all the unique hand-painted vases platters and plates from Italy.

Tell us about your bedroom:

The bedroom gets beautiful light all day and is finished with French doors that lead on to a balcony. I love letting the fresh air and lay on my bed to read, finish emails, and have a siesta or a wind down with no noise or interruptions.

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