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Bed Threads founder Genevieve Rosen-Biller takes us inside the homes of Australia’s top designers and creatives. 

With approximately 100 square feet to work with, artist Stephen Baker had to get creative with the apartment he shares with his partner, Dee. Their Melbourne studio, which sits above Dee’s florist shop, has been their home for the past six years—and in that time, they’ve strategized ways to keep the space bright and fun, without feeling cramped. 

His art is graphic and colorful, with clean lines and geometric shapes that make it feel perfectly balanced—an achievement Baker has also accomplished in his living space. Low-to-the-ground seating in front of a minimalist entertaining console leaves room for friends to visit, while a slatted wood headboard makes a great framework for a bed covered in a turmeric-hued duvet and lilac-toned sheets. Simply put, it’s a master class in understanding when less is more. 

On Living in a Small Space

We basically screen off half the space with my record shelves, dividing the room in two. If we ever move to Tokyo or New York City, we’ll be well prepared—we definitely know how to live in a small space. We’re contemplating the idea of a tiny house one day, just because we’re used to it.

On Styling With Restraint

One thing I always consider is how much empty space you need if more people are added to the equation or you want to spread out and create a mess. You have to allow for this, otherwise your home becomes stagnant, unable to be rearranged and manipulated for spontaneous engagement.

On Creating a Flexible Space

There’s no room for a sofa, so we wanted separate chairs for ourselves or if guests dropped in. The end of the bed can also be used for extra seating if necessary, with the television directly opposite. I have a large collection of records and books that I need to have available at all times, so we use these as our styling elements instead of trinkets that don’t serve a purpose. Everything has a dedicated spot now, so it’s easy to move and clean the space without too much hassle.

On His Living Room MVP

The Jonathan Adler vase my sister gave us has always been a favorite. Other than that, my stereo unit is also a key piece—I’m obsessed with good sound, and playing records on this thing is amazing. I spend hours flicking through my books with my headphones on, working on new ideas for artwork and shows.

On His Home Wish List

We would love to somehow squeeze in a small mid-century–style sideboard to house my rare art book collection. But we haven’t found the right one yet, and we’re not really in a position of getting too fancy with our home decor.

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