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Every week, Bed Threads founder Genevieve Rosen-Biller takes us inside the homes of Australia’s top designers and creatives. 

Known for her red-carpet gowns and sharply tailored suits, designer Lillian Khallouf has one of the most recognizable looks on the Australian fashion scene. Always in high demand, her creative designs pay homage to the golden era of tailoring when quality transcended quantity and creativity were revered. 

This same appreciation for the past can be seen in the way Khallouf decorates. In her home and studio, contemporary touches give emerald velvet chairs a fresh feel, while hints of old-world opulence merge with modern monochrome. Antique furniture, family heirlooms, and vintage accents make their home among statement pieces and ceramic vessels, while gold trim accentuates, well, just about everything.

What made you want to start your own fashion label?

I spent my childhood in my parents’ clothing manufacturing business, which is where I found a love for design. That then led me to fashion. My motivation came from the need to make beautiful and memorable moments—no one ever forgets the best-dressed woman in the room.

What are your favorite pieces in your home?

An original Gianni Versace silk print in my room. I found the print when I bought my fabric store and got it framed. I can’t help but feel inspired when I look at it.

How did you approach styling your bedroom?

I wanted it to reflect my personality and style. It features minimal furniture with quirky accents like the retro mirror and colorful artwork. My wardrobe and my shoe collection take up a huge part of it—but what else would you imagine a fashion designer’s home to have?

Where do you hang out the most?

My bedroom! I barely leave it once I’m home. I hang with my dogs, read, listen to music, catch up on emails and social media, and on Sundays, I binge on Netflix.

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