We Spotted the Dreamiest Marble DIY Idea at New York Fashion Week

And it’s less than $100.
colorful marble columns

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Handcrafted, ethereal, and totally transportive. No, we’re not talking about the clothes at one of our favorite New York Fashion Week shows—though it was Ulla Johnson, so those descriptors go without saying. This time, we’re talking about the set. As part of the designer’s Fall 2020 fashion show, models sporting her 44-piece collection walked out onto a runway made entirely of multicolored marble.

Or so it would seem. The dreamy backdrop was actually constructed from canvas and wood that Oliphant Studio hand-painted to mimic the real thing. Set designer Andrew Ondrejcak cites an impressive assortment of references, ranging from the works of French painter Édouard Vuillard to the red rock formations in the American Southwest. All in all, it was an incredibly elegant and luxe display—and the good news is, it’s surprisingly easy to duplicate at home. 

pink yellow and purple marble floors
Photography by Dizon Inc by Hatnim Lee

All you really need is a trusty favorite: Removable wallpaper. Pick up a few rolls of marbleized prints in different colorways, then piece them together for your own geometric statement wall. It really is as simple as that. 

The only challenge? Figuring out which part of your home should get the Fashion Week treatment. We’d try the peel-and-stick on a ceiling for a kaleidoscopic effect or even on a kitchen backsplash. Then feel free to use it as a direct counterargument to anyone who says it’s difficult to attain cool style in a rental.  

Misty Marble

Chasing Paper

Emerald Green Marble Liner


Amethyst Marble, Spoonflower ($18+)


Pink Cracked Marble Wall Mural, Murals Wallpaper ($4+)


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