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Despite their multiple assurances that all they really want for Mother’s Day is “peace and quiet,” it’s always nice to get our moms something special on a day that’s all about them. And while clothing is always a good idea, one particular collection is about more than just aesthetics: J.Crew teamed up with apparel and accessories brand prinkshop for a limited-edition line of fun graphic tees and accessories… and there’s also a philanthropic twist we love.

For every shirt, sweater, and bag sold, 10 percent of the retail price benefits Girl Up—an organization that partners with the UN to provide equal opportunities for girls in fields like health and education. So far, the organization has helped over 34,000 girls—and with prinkshop’s newest partnership, that number is bound to increase.

As some background,

Pamela Bell

founded prinkshop in order to follow a “wear what you care about” mantra: All items sold feature catchy, attention-grabbing slogans meant to promote equality and activism through fashion. Bell practices what she preaches, too. Since its founding, prinkshop has teamed up with a wide range of non-profit and advocacy groups. Past partners have included the Special Olympics, the NIRH, and Lady Parts Justice.

“We have always loved and admired the aesthetic of the J.Crew brand; we particularly like the adult and children[-friendly] broad view of design,” says Bell of how the company’s latest collaboration came about. “A very dear friend is the CMO—Vanessa Holden. We danced around each other for a year, and then, the timing was just right.”

The exciting collaboration is part of J.Crew’s #mamamonth—a curated shop dedicated to celebrating mom all month long, through products specifically picked to pamper. From comfy pajama sets to sheet masks, there’s no shortage of fun gift ideas. The prinkshop pieces in this shop include t-shirts, a cozy sweater, and a vibrant tote bag—each with a graphic that, in Bell’s words, “makes mom our superhero!”

Bell designed the products in her stunning and equally colorful East Village apartment (pictured above). As is evident by sayings like “Jane Of All Trades” and “You See A Girl, I See The Future” all around the space, the message of female empowerment is clear. And according to Bell, this was sort of the intention.

“We are in a crazy time now with the world. We crave the truth, and how better to express this than [by] wearing it on your chest?” she says.

But while this collection is all about celebrating mom, the prinkshop x J.Crew line is an inclusive one. Aka, it’s not age or gender-restrictive, but is meant to be worn by anyone who identifies with the core idea of celebrating femininity in all its forms—of which one just so happens to be motherhood (hence the “Mama Mère Maman Mamma Ma” graphic that is emblazoned on both the tote and t-shirt).

“We are also empathetic to the labels men are being slapped with these days. The good men are there, and cannot be left behind. I think it’s a confusing time for boys… this [is why we made] the ‘I Am A Feminist Too’ graphic,” Bell explains. “You don’t have to be a girl or woman to be a feminist, and we should celebrate the men [who are] man enough to say it!”

That—coupled with, of course, the underlying opportunity to make your purchase truly count for something via the Girl Up initiative—has us guessing that this collection will be selling out pretty quickly. Head over to J.Crew to shop the collaboration now… but if you miss it, don’t worry: Prinkshop is also planning a Father’s Day launch, so stay tuned.

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