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Last year at Democratic Design Day, Ikea announced an upcoming partnership with Off-White founder Virgil Abloh aimed at first-time homeowners, with millennials in mind. The trendy fashion brand is well-known for its signature quotation motif and tilted font, and Abloh’s background in architecture promised an exciting, experimental take on home decor. And now, we finally get to see it for ourselves: Abloh just unveiled prototypes for the collection, named Markerad, in a livestream, and it’s just as fun as we could’ve imagined.

“Ikea provides a landscape—fertile soil for new ideas and concepts. My duty then, is to provide something provocative. Given how tremendous this opportunity is, I’m not content to make another chair,” said Abloh in a statement at the time of the initial announcement. And while he did indeed design a chair, he gave his Shaker-inspired piece a little unexpected touch in the form of a bright red doorstop attached to one of the legs. The shape of the doorstop is reminiscent of Abloh’s now-famous air quotes, and during the reveal, he likens it to a signature of sorts within his furniture design.

These small design disruptions are the common thread of the collection—the reveal starts at the 25:30 mark in the video—which includes some seriously punchy rugs and reimagined versions of Ikea classics like the iconic Frakta bag.

In addition to the chair, Abloh showcased a Persian-style woven rug that screams “Keep Off” in all caps, a bright red carpet that’s juxtaposed with the word “Blue” (in blue), and a transparent wood-and-glass shelf that looks like a display case. Of course, there’s also those famed

Frakta bags

—only this time, they come in three different shapes and a soft brown, cardboard-like material with the word “SCULPTURE” written boldly across the front.

Since these are just prototypes, the official products could look different: Abloh has said he’s waiting on more feedback to further enhance his designs and finalize material choice. While prices and a definitive release date are still TBD, it was confirmed during the reveal that the options will all be affordable and within Ikea’s price range, so you can sleep soundly knowing you’ll be able to bring some of these fashionable pieces home without putting a dent in your budget.

While Ikea has always been our go-to when it comes to minimalist, affordable decor that can be hacked in a variety of ways, its recent collabs with several tastemakers in the fashion sphere are putting the Swedish retailed officially on the map as a stylish option for your next home refresh. After exciting collections with Beyonce’s stylist (seriously) and LA-based street style designer Stampd, we knew the company’s next project would be something special—and if this video is any indication, boy, were we right.

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