You’ll Never Guess Who Ikea Is Launching a Collection With

Everything you need to know about the upcoming limited edition line.
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Ikea, the purveyor of all that is good and worthy of Scandinavian design, has managed to surprise us with a rad, new limited-edition collection with an unexpected partner: Stampd. Founded by LA-based fashion designer and creative director Chris Stamp, the “Avant-street” fashion and lifestyle shop is geared towards the urban dweller leading an active life.

Born from the line’s affinity for street style, the collaboration, dubbed Spanst, features a curated slew of furnishings and everyday essentials that embody the laid-back, Cali-cool aesthetic Stamp has exemplified since the brand’s inception in 2011.

Organization is a prominent motif in the line, channeling the need for viable storage solutions and multi-purpose furnishings that can uphold a sense of form and function—in short, essentials for making the most of a small space. But that’s not all, a handful of untraditional items—a skateboard and basketball hoop (yes, really!)—scored a coveted spot in the collection as well. And while you can’t shop Spanst just yet—it launches in stores in May 2018—there’s no harm in getting a little preview of what is to come. So you can, you know, make room for the ultra-chic items you won’t be able to resist buying.

Shoe/skateboard rack, $69.99

Okay, so it’s safe to say that you’ll probably use this one for storing shoes, in lieu of your skateboards—but hey, that is also really up to you. Aside from being entirely sleek and streamlined, this rack is all about making the most of a limited storage space.

Skateboard cruiser,


Yep, this is the first-ever skateboard for the Swedish retailer and what better partnership to help usher Ikea to that milestone? We’d buy one even if we can’t, for the life of us, skateboard.

LED light stick, from $19.99

Whether you choose to clip this light to the wall or recreate this rad effect by oh-so-casually leaning a bunch of them in an empty nook, you can bank on the fact that it’ll make a statement either way. But the real drawing point of the light stick? You can easily charge it with a USB.

Tabletop with trestles, $249

This trestle tabletop may look familiar but an important element of distinction comes by way of the hidden storage nook conveniently layered within the tabletop. Yep, it doesn’t get any more small-space-friendly than that.

Standing support, $69.99

And because a table as cool as this wouldn’t be complete sans a matching, statement-worthy seat, why not spring for this “standing support” option as well? Consider it the optimal fall-back (literally) solution for your standing desk.

Clear Shoe Box, $19.99

According to Stamp, shoes are best when on display, especially if sneakers are in question. Enter this see-through display, which promotes just that—allowing you to keep your essentials neatly organized yet beautifully displayed in plain view. And hey, if you have the space for it, why not create a towering display while you’re at it?



We challenge you to find a more chic and contemporary take on a storage classic. Seriously, when was the last time you spotted a wardrobe as cool as this? Crafted of powder-coated steel that frames the mesh walls, it teaches a lesson in storing with style.

Armchair, $199

A true a statement seat if we’ve ever seen one. Clad in 100% cotton upholstery and set atop a lacquered, solid beech wood frame, it’s the contemporary build and bold black finish that earmark this one as a must-have.

Shoe box, $19.99

Yet another

clever shoe storage

“] solution that is all about versatility. Bearing the same streamlined composition that falls in line with the collection’s vision, these easy-to-stack boxes are all about providing you with a custom-storage solution tailored to your style and space.

Clothes rack, $149

Whether you’re using this one as a method to cope with the lack of a closet or an extension of the two you already have, you can relish in the fact that it will fit right in with your current decorative scheme and it will allow you to put your very best out front and on display.

Shop the full collection—this duffel bag, which bears the coordinates of the original

ikea store

and the flagship Stampd store in LA, included—May 2018.

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