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Shelves as Cool as the Stuff You’ll Store on Them

Let Urban Outfitters solve your storage woes.

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There’s something to be said for living comfortably, but at some point accumulated clutter and shoving random items into your closet is going to get old. Hence why having one good organizational piece is such a necessary investment—and whether you live in a

tiny apartment

or have square footage aplenty (we’re jealous), Urban Outfitters has some of the best shelves in the game.

Between smaller options, you can easily mount on the wall and larger, multifunctional furniture pieces that also happen to include shelves, here are some of our favorite smart storage solutions to help you get your space in order once and for all.

Macrame Hanging Shelf, $299

For those really into

bohemian decor

(or really into Coachella; either/or), try a shelf that doubles as a trendy art installation. An intricately woven macrame backdrop works well with the wooden shelves for a natural look. Take the boho vibe a step further by using this particular shelf to house all your favorite green friends; each shelf is tall enough to fit a medium-sized potted plant.

Sigge Bookshelf, $179

A console table and bookshelf all in one, this simple option has space for pretty much every item you have lying around. The unfinished look allows whatever knick-knacks—from decorative trays to books— you display to take center stage. Though if you choose to show off porcelain cats, as this image exhibits, there’s probably not much that could detract from them in the first place.

Marte Storage Cabinet, $729

Okay, so this might not be the best option for small-space dwellers, but it’s perfect for anyone who subscribes to the “out of sight, out of mind” philosophy. Ran out of closet space and don’t know where to put your 12th turtleneck sweater? Buy this cabinet. Need to store technology or cables that don’t blend in with the rest of your decor? Buy this cabinet. Unsure what to do with that cliché police officer costume you once thought was a great idea? Burn it. Alternatively, buy this cabinet and hide it forever.

Over-the-Door Tiered Storage Rack, $49

A particularly great bathroom storage solution, this rack takes advantage of one of the most underserved areas of real estate in our homes: Doors. There are two shelves to hold your bulkier beauty items, and even a rack to hang your towels. If you don’t have a medicine cabinet and the idea of installing wall shelves scares you, try this.

Cubiko Storage Mirror, $99

Make your shelves work double duty by choosing a storage solution that doesn’t look anything like your typical storage solutions. Particularly great for a bathroom or an entryway, where you can do last-minute touch ups before heading out the door, this sleek black storage mirror keeps your products hidden but easy to access.

Kiki Metal Corner Shelf, $49

Tiny apartment and no space to get creative with your shelving options? We feel you. This tiny shelf uses a space that is typically left unused—the corners—and holds enough to create a little vignette. If you need more surface area, consider purchasing a few of these to stack on top of each other and form a deconstructed shelf of sorts that still looks put together.

Bamboo Shoe Storage, $89

Hide this shoe rack in your closet to make use of empty floor space or, if shoes are your idea of fine art (guilty), display your favorite pieces out in the open. And while the intended use of this piece—made with sustainable bamboo—is to organize your shoes, it also works well as a kitchen organizer. Keep plates and mugs tidy on your counters, or use as a makeshift pantry for larger supermarket goods that don’t fit in cabinets.

Leaning Book Shelf, $199

This is one of those bigger pieces that definitely takes up more space, but you’ll be able to use it for so many items it’s well worth sacrificing some room. Stack books together to turn them into a design moment in their own right, or use it to house bulky folded sweaters as a sort of open-closet item.

Talulah Rolling Storage Cart, $129

This is the perfect solution for the commitment-phobe decorator. If you can’t decide which room needs the most help organization-wise or what items to store in your new shelving solution, try something a little less permanent and a little more mobile. Use it in your kitchen as a pantry, in your living room as a side table, or in your bathroom for towels and linens. Or, rotate between the three until you figure out the function that works best for you.

Leona Hanging Circle Shelf, $99

Definitely one of the more unique shelf styles out there, this circle hanging shelf holds a surprising amount. Given the natural wood finish, it’s super easy to personalize with a stain or paint color of your choosing. It’s a great weekend DIY that will make this versatile piece feel totally custom.

Cameron Adjustable Desk Storage System, $398

If you work from home and don’t have space for a home office, try a wall-mounted desk. Specifically, try this wall-mounted desk, which comes with tons of shelving as well as space underneath to stick a filing cabinet, storage bin, or mini snack cabinet (we all have our workspace priorities).

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