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Odds are, you know someone who knows someone whose neighbor recently put a bidet in their bathroom. Or you’re like New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (also known as AOC) and recently traveled to Asia where the toilet paper–free fixtures made you want to change your bathroom habits forever. Over the weekend, the politician posted a video pretending to furiously search online for bidets after spending a week in Japan and Korea because, according to her caption, “life will never be the same.” Some of our editors have shared the same experience, whether it stemmed from their first time trying a heated seat or becoming so attached to their bidet that a travel-friendly version became a necessity, too. Although many people’s interest in the nifty sprayers grew as a result of the TP shortage in 2020, there’s a more pressing reason to invest in one—and it’s for a cause that AOC also supports: protecting the planet. 

The Natural Resources Defense Council recently revealed that the biggest toilet paper brands on the market are contributing to global warming by destroying forests that pull carbon from the atmosphere, reports Fast Company. While it suggests swapping Charmin and Cottonelle for more sustainable alternatives made from recycled paper and bamboo (think: Seventh Generation), to avoid all things scratchy down there, we’re in favor of a little bathroom redesign. To make things easier for you (including you, AOC!), we’ve pulled together a quick list of our favorites to make the planet—and your body—a little happier.

For Entry-Level Experimentation

This easy-to-install, no-frills bidet is not only budget-friendly, it’s available in six accent colors (and one limited-edition hue that changes occasionally), so you can opt for one that blends with your existing bathroom aesthetic. 

For a Wash Powered by Batteries   

In spaces that don’t have outlet access, a battery-operated bidet is the way to go. The spray works through a water pressure system that’s activated by a lever, and we love that this model comes with a nightlight for middle-of-the-night trips. 

For Staying Fresh at Home and on the Go

If a gamut of highly personalized features is what you seek, seven spray positions ensure you hit the right spots and programmable user profiles keep the routine tailored just for you. The brand also offers a $17 travel-friendly counterpart that’s discreet, easy to use, and actually kind of cute.

For a Luxurious Experience in the Loo 

This seat took the leading title in our tried-and-true roundup of best bidets for its combination of impressive features, sleek silhouette, and comparatively competitive price given all the bells and whistles. It’s truly like a spa day for your tush.