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In the vast realm of the Internet, Reddit has long established itself as a hub for solution seekers. From self-diagnosing your medical mysteries (which we don’t recommend) to discovering the most clever IKEA hacks (this we can get behind), the platform is a treasure trove of information. Amid the countless threads, a recent r/AskReddit post earned a top five ranking the other week after one user asked: What life-changing thing can you buy for less than $100? Tens of thousands chimed in with their picks, and several home products were at the top. According to Reddit, these are some of the most sought-after, budget-savvy products you can buy. 

For Better Bathroom Breaks 

You either love it or hate it, but if you’re Team Bidet, you already know there’s no going back to a regular seat once you’ve installed one of these refreshing toilet attachments. One Redditor even says they’re ready to hook one up at work at this point. Another 5,000 users agreed that a Squatty Potty (or its equivalent) is the other accessory you absolutely need in the loo. 

For Breathing Easy 

While smoke alarms often steal the spotlight, a carbon monoxide detector (clocking in with 10,000 votes) should also earn a permanent place on our home safety checklists. This plug-in model from Kidde tracks air quality as well, and the battery backup means it’ll keep protecting you from sneaky, odorless gas, even if the power goes out.

For Staying Connected 

Size matters. At least when it comes to charging cables, and more than 18,000 Redditors concur: You need a 10-foot (or longer!) power cord in your life so you can freely surf the ‘net or scroll your Instagram without ever having to be within arm’s reach of an outlet. 

For Keeping Things Cheesy

When it comes to chain restaurants, Olive Garden is the epitome of comfort food, and there’s nothing quite like a generous heap of grated cheese to make a meal cozier than ever. We found this chic charcoal gray version at Williams Sonoma, and the best part? Having it at home means you never have to utter the words “okay, that’s enough” before you truly mean it.