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Vacuuming doesn’t require a ton of skill, but part of what makes the chore so dreadful is the awkwardness of maneuvering the machine. Lugging it up steps, hoisting it over carpets—it’s a workout. So imagine how much more enjoyable the task would be if the tool was as light as a feather. That vacuum does exist, and it’s hiding out on Amazon, of course. 

Bissell’s Stick Vacuum has a nearly five-star rating, thanks to 36,000-plus reviewers who have praised its compact design (it weighs a mere 2.6 pounds). It’s the second-most-popular floor-care product on the e-commerce site, following a top-selling carpet spot remover. “It’s like a powerful Dustbuster with a long handle, so [it’s] perfect for little crumbs,” describes one customer. If said crumbs are hiding out in hard-to-get-to crevices, never fear: The stick has a detachable nozzle and breaks apart into two smaller versions so it can suck up debris on the stairs, kitchen countertop, curtains, or even between pesky couch cushions. 

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Bissell Featherweight Stick Vacuum, Amazon ($30)

Its agile design is a definite draw, but so is the price point: The vacuum retails for $30. That’s around $200 less than the cheapest Roomba model, and even a dream compared to the popular Eureka Mite Vacuum, which goes for $70. Where is it written that you have to spend a small fortune to live in a clean home

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