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It’s easy to get swept up in spring-cleaning. One minute you’re off to CVS to stock up on sponges and the next you’ve put down a deposit on a fancy vacuum you can’t afford. But spending a small fortune on drawer dividers and artisanal canisters is fine if it’s done in the name of tidying, right?

A clean home shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. That’s why this season we’re putting down the overpriced kitchen towels and stocking up on cleaning and organizational goodies at IKEA. From candy-colored bathroom hooks to space-saving spice racks, the Swedish retailer’s selection of budget-friendly staples is the ultimate spring-cleaning shortcut. Here are nine under-$30 items that are currently in our cart.

For Corralling Bathroom Towels

for the shower
TISKEN hooks with suction cup, Ikea ($8)

Don’t grab the drill just yet. These suction cup hooks are a dream for renters who want to make the most of their tiled bathroom walls. Use them in the shower to hang loofahs and washcloths or attach them elsewhere to catch towels.


For Masking Kitchen Smells

for the kitchen
KNODD Bin with lid, Ikea ($20)

Recycling bins take a beating over time. If you hold your breath every time you toss something out, swap it out for this sturdy pick. It might not come with all the bells and whistles, but its striking blue hue is a welcome reminder to take out the trash more often.  

For Tackling Grime

for the dishes
ANTAGEN Dish brush, Ikea ($0)

On the surface, your pots and pans might pass for hygienic, but a little TLC and the right brush will take your cookware to the next level. With one for every mood, these colorful scrubbers will make fighting grease feel like less of a chore. Bonus: These ones feature holes at the top so you can hang them from a hook when not in use.

For Organizing the Spice Rack

for the spicerack
RIMFORSA Container, Ikea ($17)

Unless you own a proper spice rack and have gone out of your way to alphabetize it, we’re guessing there’s a black hole in the corner of your kitchen where various seasonings have gone to die. Test tubes are the most underrated way to store spices—namely for the fact that they don’t take up very much space and will inspire you to experiment a bit more.

For the Pile of Books in the Corner

for books
SVENSHULT Wall shelf, Ikea ($13)

Floating shelves aren’t hard to find, but to score one under $15 is a rarity. Bibliophiles who don’t want to break the bank can lean on this storage solution. If you do choose to buy them in multiples, these metallic shelves can be layered to look like one cohesive unit.


For Out-of-Season Clothes

for out of season clothes
RABBLA Box with lid, Ikea ($22)

The telltale sign of spring isn’t birds chirping or flowers blooming—it’s when your turtlenecks and hats can be safely stowed away under the bed or in the closet. These soft fabric boxes will keep your seasonal gear safe and organized until fall rolls around.

For the Junk Drawer

for the office2
SKÅDIS Pegboard combination, Ikea ($37)

The best way to tackle a junk drawer is by getting rid of the drawer itself. After you’ve cleaned house, transfer those miscellaneous objects—be it rubber bands and pencils or BandAids and bills—over to a streamlined pegboard. Not only will you be able to keep track of what you need (and what you don’t), but you can also stylize your setup by adding photographs into the mix.

For the Vanity

new_drawer insert
KUGGIS Insert with 8 compartments, Ikea ($7)

It’s often the little things in life that get in the way. From beauty goodies to craft supplies, this divided insert will help you divvy up your teeniest personal belongings in a way that makes sense.

For the Entryway

MACKAPÄR Hat and coat rack, Ikea ($30)

There’s nothing more unsettling than feeling like you’ve been defeated the minute you walk through the front door. When your coats, hats, totes, and keys all have a place to call home, you’re more likely to tackle any problem that follows.


For Everything That Won’t Fit Under the Sink

DYNAN Cabinet with door, Ikea ($30)

Whether you have a pedestal sink or simply too many products, a streamlined cabinet that can fit beneath the basin or topped with extra shelving is a lifesaver.

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