9 Things Team Domino Always Buys at IKEA

For first apartments and beyond.

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IKEA often gets a bad rap in the design world, but never at the Domino office. If anyone appreciates the staying power of a staple from the Swedish store, it’s us. From the storage pieces that rescued our tiny apartments to the vibrant textiles we rely on for budget-friendly pops of color, we owe a lot to the retailer. In honor of our long-term relationship, we’re sharing the items we always check IKEA for first: 

Executive Editor Alex Redgrave’s Go-To: Light Fixtures

The intel: When you’re renting and don’t want to invest in hard-wired lighting, but looking for more than just a basic plug-in, IKEA is your go-to. I pop colored bulbs in to create a cool glow.

Senior Home Editor Gabrielle Savoie’s Go-To: Side Tables and Stools

The intel: I look to IKEA for its colorful and affordable side tables and stools—a home can never have too many! I love setting them next to bathtubs, sofas, chairs, and anywhere else you’d potentially need to put a drink down.

Managing Editor Liz Mundle’s Go-To: Glassware

The intel: IKEA glassware is perfect for avoiding heartbreak. It offers stylish, basic stemware and glasses at a great price point, so I don’t have to fret if one shatters. And because many of the styles have been around for years, it’s rarely an issue replacing them.

Brand Partnerships Visual Director Meghan McNeer’s Go-To: Kitchen Textiles

The intel: A core pillar of my dining and entertaining framework is cloth napkins, place mats, and kitchen towels. At a young age, my mom instilled in me that even takeout should be served sans paper napkins. I change my kitchen towels weekly to create different seasonal color palettes—which can make the turnover rate pretty high. Enter IKEA, where I can get 20 matching napkins for my friend’s birthday dinner. Or a green tea towel I can hang up or use for the chocolate banana bread I make for the office.

Digital Editor Rebecca Deczynski’s Go-To: Dining Chairs 

The intel: When you need two, three, four—or even more—chairs to go around your kitchen or dining room table, the cost can quickly add up. Luckily, IKEA offers many simple and colorful seating options that keep me well under budget. Don’t underestimate the outdoor-indoor ones when you’re looking to make a statement, and I recommend picking up a few chair cushions, too, if comfort is a priority.

Senior Social Media Editor Alyssa Clough’s Go-To: Storage Solutions

The intel: I’ve purchased many IKEA pieces over the years, but the ones that really stand out are the various cabinets that have solved serious storage problems in my tiny apartments. A Billy bookcase with doors doubled as a dresser in my bedroom; a kitchen cart came to the rescue when I had no counter or cabinet space; and the Ivar series makes for the perfect entryway “console.”  

Digital Editorial Assistant Lydia Geisel’s Go-To: Frames

The intel: I’ve used the Ribba series to frame almost every piece of art I’ve ever bought. I love how clean and sleek the frames are, and I can display large-scale works without paying a fortune (the biggest frames come in under $40). I bought a poster at a record store for $3, stuck it in a Ribba, and now it looks like it cost $300.

Associate Digital Editor Elly Leavitt’s Go-To: Cooking Utensils

The intel: From a wooden spoon variety pack to the measuring tools I need to stress-bake bread, my kitchen drawers are full of IKEA utensils. They’ve lasted me through four apartments (and four different sets of roommates) with only minor battle wounds.

Deputy Editor Lindsey Mather’s Go-To: Paper Lampshades

The intel: I don’t have any overhead lighting in my apartment (aah, New York City living), so I faked it with a couple basic cord sets and IKEA’s sculptural paper shades. All I had to do was loop them over hooks on my ceiling and, voilà! I had pendant fixtures. Added bonus: They cast the prettiest diffused glow at night.

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