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Living in a small space is tough. Having to clean it is decidedly more so. As one would expect, cleaning a space that’s tight on square footage usually entails squeezing into various nooks and crannies in an effort to get the job done. Regular-size appliances or cleaning supplies just won’t do here. After all, where would one even store them?

Vacuums are high up on the list of essential cleaning supplies, with the handheld variety being a prime staple of the small-space dweller. The problem? It’s rare that you’ll find one compact yet efficient enough to actually get the job done. Sans having to resort to doing the same menial task on repeat, opt for a powerful tool that will take on the dirt in one no-fail swoop.

To help you get started on your search, we rounded up the highest-rated vacuum cleaners available on Amazon. After all, spring-cleaning is right around the corner.

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Holife 6KPA Hand Vacuum Cleaner

Listed as the top best seller on Amazon, users love this one for its ability to pick up dirt from small crevices, its efficiency in picking up animal hair, and how surprisingly quiet it can be.

Rating: 4.3/5 stars

Amazon Customer Reviews: 1,291

Price: $51.99

What people have to say:

Pro: “I love this vacuum! The fact that it is cordless yet very powerful is amazing to me. It picks up things surprisingly well. I typically use the long fitting to get into small spaces (like in between my window seal).”

“This is one of the best portable vacuums that we have ever owned. It charges quite fast and holds its charge for 30 minutes of use.”

Cons: “Even though 30 minutes [of] battery life is longer than most cordless handheld vacs, it barely gets me through doing my large sectional.”

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ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum

This self-charging vacuum comes with smart sensors and is built to tackle the hard-to-reach spots such as under the bed and sofa. It’s great for hardwood floors and it can clean for up to three hours.

Rating: 4.1/5 stars

Amazon Customer Reviews: 1,446

Price: $159.99

What people have to say:

Pro: “It does a good job getting up pet hair and dirt/crumbs on our hard floors. Haven’t tried it on carpet yet. It goes for a long time before needing to recharge.”

“The vac is easy to use, easy to schedule, very effective, and quiet enough to use anytime.”

Con: “If you’re looking for a robot vacuum to get deep down cleaning in your carpet, this is not the one (I doubt any robot vacuum is IMO).”

“Downsides? I wish the dirt cup was a little larger because, again, dog hair here is a challenge.”

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Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

A slightly larger option for those looking for a more powerful tool, the Tineco features an ultra-quiet and powerful suction capability along with a lightweight build.

Rating: 4.3/5 stars

Amazon Customer Reviews: 1,172

Price: $189.99

What people have to say:

Pro: “It is, far and away, the very best stick vacuum I have ever owned. It is very light and intuitively easy to use (have had it about three weeks and have yet to read the instruction manual—I know, I should).”

“With no cord, it makes cleaning very easy, as you never have to stop to relocate a plug or fight with a cable. You may not realize how much simple things like that deter you from doing your normal cleaning routines.”

Con: “We wish that the suction power could be stronger in the normal mode (lasts about 20 min). The suction power is very good in the Max mode, but the battery lasts only six minutes.”

“Suction is weak, therefore not suitable for thicker carpets. The dust and trash reservoir is tiny, so you need to empty it often.”

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Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

With up to 60 minutes runtime, this lightweight and versatile cleaner is prime for small spaces. It can be transformed into a handheld vacuum when needed and boasts Dyson’s signature technology that’s great for picking up dirt and fine dust from hard floors and carpets

Rating: 4.3/5 stars

Price: $469.99

Reviews: 954 customer reviews

What people have to say:

Pro: “It’s great for a quick run around the high-traffic areas or a deeper clean of the area rugs and hard floors. We have medium- and low-pile area rugs over hardwood and tile floors (roughly 1,000sq ft per floor), and it works fine on both.”

“This vacuum has great suction. We mostly use it on medium and performs well.”

Con: “The turbo mode only lasts for maybe 10 minutes before it depletes the battery. I really need the turbo on my sofas and stairs and I can never finish it at one time.”

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Black+Decker Hnvc220bcz10ff Hand Vacuum White

Lightweight, portable, and easy to use, this handheld vacuum is designed for quick and easy cleanups. It can be mounted to the wall, making it perfect for small spaces.

Rating: 4.1/5 stars

Reviews: 15,846 customer reviews

Price: $39.99

What people have to say:

Pro: “The attachment tool is great for cleaning behind appliances or under places you can’t get with a normal vacuum.”

“I frequently use it to grab up the stray tumbleweeds of dog hair that often migrate into the various corners of the house (pet people, you’ve probably dealt with this before). You’ll need something much more powerful to get the pet hair out of carpets and furniture, but for hardwood floors, tile, and other hard surfaces, it works great.”

Con: “Battery life is good; however, after two years of moderate to heavy use, I get about 10 minutes of solid vacuuming before the battery dies out.”

“I’ve promptly removed all the hair and dirt from the reservoir and filter so it doesn’t get clogged and use more battery than necessary, but it still dies way too soon.”

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Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum, Corded, 33A1

Geared toward pet owners, this vacuum comes with a specialized rubber nozzle that attracts pet hair and is earmarked for upholstery.

Rating: 4.4/5 stars

Reviews: 6,882 customer reviews

Price: $34.99

What people have to say:

Pro: “It is powerful, not too heavy, super great at picking up pet messes, it has a long cord, it’s easy to dump the debris (no bags either), and it has a cleanable filter.”

“This handheld cleaner is a workhorse and it’s great for getting my dog’s fur off the stairs, furniture, etc.”

Con: “This cannot be used as a DustBuster. Essentially, it’s limited to pet hair cleanup. I was disappointed to uncover such a silly design flaw because it does have some great characteristics, such as being lightweight, having an ergonomic handle, and having powerful suction.”

“If you’re looking for a pet hair miracle, this is for you. If you expect to also use it for other things, this is not for you.”

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Black+Decker Bdh2000pl Max Lithium Pivot Vacuum, 20-volt

With its patented nozzle made with the intention of picking up debris from tight crevices, this high-performance vacuum is highly rated for its wide mouth and powerful suction.

Rating: 4.0/5 stars

Reviews: 7,740 customer reviews

Price: $65.99

What people have to say:

Pro: “So far, it’s been a fantastic unit and it’s a power monster for vacuuming. The 20V battery is excellent and provides a ton of power. The suction is outstanding. It conveniently rotates into multiple positions as well, which I liked.”

Con:  “I found out the dirt or sand always get in the joint of [the] pivoting nozzle. This leads to sticky joint and makes [a] sound when I adjust nozzle angle.”

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