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Having a clean kitchen is like the first few days of a much-needed vacation: Although you’ve never felt more at peace, you’re also acutely aware that this feeling won’t last forever. In fact, your bliss is so brief, it’s like you never got a proper break at all. Anyone who has ever struggled to keep a tiny kitchen clutter-free knows this same, suffocating dread all too well.

In an effort to maintain what little sanity we have left in our teeny abodes, we’re always on the lookout for smart organizational items that were made with small spaces in mind. When it comes to filling our kitchens with savvy, affordable storage goods, you’ll often hear us talking about IKEA, Amazon, and Target. However, there’s one underrated retailer we haven’t touched on yet, and that’s Walmart.

Yes, it’s the place you probably go to for cheap plastic cups and all things miscellaneous, but the behemoth retailer boasts a number of super-reliable—and, of course, budget-friendly—home products that are incredibly useful. To get you started on your organizing journey, here are eight Walmart finds that will bring you one step closer to tidying up your tiny kitchen.

The Pan Organizer

pan rack
Rubbermaid Pan Organizer, Walmart ($13)

Instead of chucking your bulkier items in that one forsaken cabinet beneath the sink and hoping for the best, designate a proper place for your go-to pans so that you can see exactly what you have. Whether you stack or lean, this basic stand will finally force you to stick to your most essential pieces and ditch any you know you never use.

The Multipurpose Kitchen Cart

white rolling kitchen cart
Kitchen Cart, Walmart ($46)

Living small may have squashed your dreams of ever having a kitchen island, but never fear: This clever mobile cart wants to make up for it. With bonus storage shelves and a place to hang kitchen towels and cooking utensils, this traveling kitchen companion can double as both an added prep space and makeshift drinks station.

The Slim Nook Storage Cart

Kitchens photo
Miles Kimball Slim Storage Cart, Walmart ($27)

No pantry? No problem. In the absence of a designated spot to stash spare snacks, fill an awkward nook with this genius cart. Teeny enough to slip in between the cracks but savvy enough to house most (if not all) of your dry goods, this ultra-slim pick is the secret hiding spot you never knew you needed.

The Classic Canister Set

canister set storing grains
Oggi Acrylic Canister Set with Spoons, Walmart ($24)

If there’s one organization rule to live by, it’s that you use what you can see. That’s why when it comes to food storage, we swear by see-through vessels. Consider creating a visually tidy and streamlined display with these classic canisters.

The Corner Storage Rack

corner plate rack
Kitchen Details Corner Storage Rack, Walmart ($8)

An ideal fix for that one tall corner cabinet, this bonus shelving unit is perfect if you’re in dire need of a little extra surface area. Don’t be fooled by its size: The dish-approved find will make the most out of any lonely nook.

The Copper Fruit Basket

copper fruit bowl
Wire Storage Bin Set of 2, Walmart ($10)

A contemporary metallic take on the classic fruit basket, this copper catchall is an ideal home for seasonal goods and other cooking staples.

The Revolving Spice Rack

double tier rotating spice rack
16-Jar Revolving Chrome Wire Spice Rack, Walmart ($20)

Sick of haphazardly sifting through cabinets in search of one spice or another? Snag your seasonings with ease by corralling various dressings in this convenient revolving rack.

The Stemware Rack

clear wine glasses on wine glass rack
Large Stemware Rack, Walmart ($15)

No true entertainer should have to sacrifice their wineglass collection solely because they lack the square footage. Instead of crowding the bar cart, safely stow your stemware vertically beneath a cabinet with this bar-inspired organizer.

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