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Summer is (finally!) upon us, and you know what that means: travel. From weekend getaways to (potentially free?) international travels, the next few months are all about picking up and finding new adventures. But fitting in time to shop for travel essentials is not at the top of our list of summer to-dos—we’d rather be out enjoying the weather.

Luckily, Amazon is a one-stop shop for basically every travel accessory you could ever need. Ahead, we rounded up a few necessities that will make your travel excursions all the more carefree and relaxing this summer. What are you waiting for? Load up your luggage and get going.

OEE Luggage Packing Organizers, $19.99

Instead of sifting through that stuffed suitcase, opt for serviceable nylon organizers like these. This way, everything has a designated spot in your bag—saving you space and stress. Plus, they can double as laundry bags for your way back.

PurSteam Elite Travel Fabric Steamer, $24.99

A mini steamer like is officially our new favorite gadget for travel. It’s tiny enough to throw in your suitcase or duffel, and you’ll never have to fight with a hotel room ironing board ever again.

Brita Water bottle with Filter $14.99

On long travel days, keeping hydrated is key, but no one is into drinking airport or rest stop water. Keep yourself prepared with a cute water bottle that has a filter and drink up.

Amazon Basics Toiletry Bag, $18.99

If you should invest in one item that make your travels easier, it’s got to be a handy toiletry bag like this. Ideal for storing all your travel beauty products, this bag will let you consolidate all your on-the-go grooming needs so you can actually find what you’re looking for.

Anker Power Portable Battery Bank Charger, $21.99

Keep a portable battery bank on hand for precarious moments of low battery. This one is small enough the throw in your purse for peace of mind.

Datonen Leakproof Travel Bottles, $12.95

These squeezable, silicone bottles are a no-brainer for transporting liquids wherever you go. They’re bright and easy to find in your bag, plus super simple to fill and refill as needed.

Everlasting Comfort Airplane Travel Kit, $19.99

Everything you need all in one, this kit has a comfy memory foam pillow, light-blocking eye mask, and useful ear plugs for definite comfort on longer trips.

Universal Electronics Organizer,  $19.99

A specific place to store all our cords and electronics is the kind of travel item we never knew we needed, but it is a serious lifesaver when it comes to keeping track of your cables and chargers. Anyone else prone to leaving their chargers behind? Not anymore.

Zoppen Multi-purpose travel Passport Wallet, $15.99

Keeping all your travel documents in one stylish convenient place is one of top ways you can minimize stress during adventures. This top-rated pick from Amazon comes in a variety of different colors and even has extra protection in place to protect from theft.

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