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It’s no secret that we love Ikea’s home goods, but we also love Ikea for their infamous Frakta bag, and their food (it’s true!). While we couldn’t imagine we could possibly fall deeper in love with the brand, we stumbled upon yet another reason: Ikea hits the mark with their affordable travel accessories. Whether you’re planning a weekend away or have a huge trip on your agenda, Ikea can help get you ready for your next vacation. Are you in the market for a new suitcase? A toiletry bag? Both? Check out these offerings, and we’re pretty sure you’ll be making Ikea your go-to shop for all your travel needs.

This bag packs up nice and small making it the perfect extra bag to bring on a trip. You know, bonus space if you plan on shopping while you’re there.

KNALLA Sports Bag, $4.99.

Shoe bags are a lifesaver when your luggage only has one general space for all your clothes and (potentially dirty) shoes.

BRODERLIG Shoe Bag, $1.99

Rarely can you upgrade your backpack game for under $10. This bright option even comes with a removable tote bag—so you don’t have to take the whole backpack with you as you wander around a new city for the day.

STARTTID Backpack, $9.99

Don’t let your luggage turn into a black hole. Instead, keep your clothes as organized as possible with individual packing bags.

UPPTACKA Packing Bag, $9.99

We don’t know about you, but it’s hard to fit all our accessories into one small bag. Try getting a matching set of three instead. It doesn’t hurt that these mesh cases are see-through, eliminating time digging around for that matching earring.

FORFINA Accessory Bag, $6.99

While this simple carry-on looks rather unassuming, the under $15 dollar price tag makes it a gem.

STARTTID Carry-on Bag With Wheels, $14.99

A laundry bag is a must when traveling. This set makes it even easier when you get home, since you’ve already separated out your lights and darks.

BRODERLIG Laundry Bag, $2.49

If you have a skincare routine you can’t live without, but the jars are too heavy or large to pack in a carry-on, grab yourself some of these fun colored bottles. Now, you can have a mini version of your routine that’s perfect for travel.

UPPTACKA Bottles, $1.49

It’s hard to find a duffle bag on wheels for under $100. It’s even harder to find one that has a divider so you can separate your clean and dirty clothes—but here it is.

UPPTACKA Duffle Bag On Wheels, $79.99

Some great advice is to stow all the “messy” items (loose change, charging cords, etc)  inside neat pouches before you place them in your backpack or purse. These pouches from IKEA lay flat for an even more streamlined experience.

BRODERLIG Accessory Bag, $1.49

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