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Ikea’s FRAKTA bag is having a moment. The iconic blue tote, which costs a grand total of $0.99 and has been a household staple since its 1996 debut, is rapidly becoming the accessory du jour. Now, it’s the center of a short film created in partnership with Acne, which has shot several video campaigns for IKEA in the past.

The frenzy surrounding the bag arguably began with Balenciaga’s $2,149 dupe earlier this spring. Since then, the FRAKTA has been made into multiple fashion and accessory items ranging from a $38 baseball cap to more creative products like phone cases, shorts, and even bustiers. One entrepreneur went as far as creating an online course where interested parties can learn how to turn their totes into trendy designs.

The short film, which premiered on IKEA’s YouTube channel on June 1st, follows the FRAKTA as it is used in several capacities by several different people. The video calls the tote “the most hardworking bag in the world” and looks at the bag as a sort of democratizing tool, providing function and quality to people around the world at a ubiquitously low price. “So in a way, when you carry this blue bag around, you carry a lot of the stuff we believe in as well,” states the video’s narrator at the end, reinforcing IKEA’s key principle of accessibility.

“It’s been talked about, made into dog-ponchos, used as a fashion accessory and for exercising–and we think that’s great,” says Acne of the FRAKTA. “But the truth is, this plain piece of plastic has an even bigger meaning than that, it summarizes everything we believe in: that design, function, and quality shouldn’t be just for a few.”

You can watch this cinematic wonder above, then head over to IKEA’s site to purchase one of these bags for yourself. Your FRAKTA is sure to become useful at some point, aside from being converted into plastic haute couture, potential uses range from toting around laundry to storing beach towels.

It can also allegedly carry up to 2,500 meatballs, which is a skill that you never know when will come in handy.

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