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We’re always looking for fresh and innovative ways to take our decor to the next level, especially when it involves a good DIY. Whether we’re updating a flea market find or simply elevating an existing piece, there are a multitude of ways to personalize your decor to better fit your style and space.
As it’s no secret that we have a penchant for IKEA hacks—the Swedish retailer has no shortage of pieces that make for an ideal base for building up with color and flair. wWe’re always on the lookout for a new way to DIY our projects to the next level, but there are a handful of companies who have made “elevating” IKEA finds part of their business model: Pretty Pegs offers furniture leg replacements for a wide variety of IKEA products, and Superfront, a Sweden-based company makes everything from cabinet fronts to chic handles and pulls.
The newest brand on the scene is Plykea, a startup that recently launched a series of birch ply doors and worktops, specifically geared towards IKEA’s Metod kitchen cupboards. The result? An affordable line of cabinet fronts (available in both wood and formica-faced ply) that are both style-focused and durable. Each piece is precisely cut to fit any original IKEA door or drawer front, and is later hand-finished and stained with clear hard wax.
According to Dezeen, Plykea’s founder, Tim Diacon, joined forces with furniture designer Adam Vergette to create the line, after failing to find a set of affordable cabinets for his own home. While the brand only caters to a single collection of IKEA cabinets right now, they will eventually expand on to outfit the brand’s remaining models.

To estimate the cost, you simply pick and choose the various pieces you need and Plykea calculates a quote. You have to order at least £500 of product, but that’s a steal compared to installing entirely new cabinets, which can cost upwards of $10,000.

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