This Tangerine-Shaped Pet Bed at MoMA Had 100+ Eyes on It Last Time We Checked

Did we mention it’s shaped like a tangerine?

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Not that you ever need an excuse to spoil your pet, but the MoMA Design Store is giving you one that’ll last all summer long. For the first time ever, the shop is launching a collection of animal-focused products called Modern Pets that stars well-designed toys, drool-worthy treats, and stylish accessories for your four-legged family members. 

The pop-up, running today through September 5, features more than 100 products from a variety of brands. Vetreska, known for its fruit-shaped litter boxes and cacti cat scratches, has dozens of items up for grabs. (Its limited-supply tangerine bed had 100-plus eyes on it last time we checked). Ware of the Dog, loved for its naturally dyed and impossibly cute crocheted toys, will have several crowd favorites in the lineup. And Wild One, a go-to for colorful harnesses and treat-holding rubber toys, has a rainbow of goodies to choose from. We also spotted a dog bed sporting Dusen Dusen’s signature Technicolor stripes on the site that we expect to sell out fast. 

Courtesy of Dusen Dusen
Courtesy of Vetreska
Courtesy of Wild One

Throughout the summer, MoMA will drop additional exclusive products. First up? Leashes, treat pouches, and poop bag carriers from Wild One showcasing the work of New York–based illustrator Arianna Margulis’s art will launch on July 14. And in August, Vetreska will release a never-before-seen iteration of its elevated bowl and a newly developed cot as part of the partnership. Snag what you can so you won’t be the one with sad puppy dog eyes. 

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