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This story was part of Sofa Week, our seven-day stretch of, you guessed it, sofas. After years spent styling, sitting on, and searching for the best of the best—from bespoke designs to rare under-$500 gems—we’re compiling our couch knowledge in one comfy spot.

Buying a sofa is a major investment—you have to love it, and so does your forecasted future self. So it makes perfect sense that most of us are inclined to play it safe and go neutral. 

While buying a patterned sofa might feel as risky as painting your walls red, we’re running out of reasons why these personality pieces shouldn’t be top of mind for sofa shoppers. It just comes down to picking the right one. And rest assured, we’re here to help with that. Not only do patterned sofas fall under the cottagecore trend, which, let’s face it, isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, they’re more forgiving with stains and rely less heavily on throw pillows to pack a punch. Rounded up, below, are our favorites—from stripes to florals to everything in between—and they’re so cute they might make you switch over to the wild side for good. Plus, if you’re more inclined to go bold in your backyard, we’ve even found a few outdoor options. 


If you’re a little hesitant but still want to dip your toe in, stripes can be a safer way to own the look. The pattern is a classic that can follow you through the evolution of your personal style, because who knows—you might be into preppy nautical today and maximalist pattern clashing two years from now. Our favorites include a wide yellow stripe from the Inside’s highly customizable assortment to an investment piece from Sunday Shop that screams “coastal grandma.”


If your vibe leans more granny chic, this is the section for you. These options will feel cozy in the winter but fresh in the spring and easily blend with antique furniture. 

Everything in Between 

There are too many eclectic, unique options out there to fit into a box. So here are the special one-offs that might very well have your name on them. 


Summer often lends itself to a bolder, more colorful aesthetic, which makes outdoor patterned sofas an easy way to get into the style. Plus an outdoor sofa is much more likely to get dirty, and nothing conceals a stain like a pattern. From the star of West Elm’s collab with Marimekko to all kinds of cabana stripes with resort vibes, these are our favorites.