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Expandable furniture is a solution for limited floor space and limited surface space—but often it’s lacking in the looks department. We think nesting tables are the anomaly of the category, though; their different heights give off a gorgeous layered appearance. Placing your plants, art books, and candles on different levels makes styling a breeze; each object has its own designated spot. Take a look at this number by DWR, for instance—it wouldn’t be half as interesting without the upholstered miniature beneath. So from small-space coffee tables to outdoor side tables, these 27 picks will do more than just give you a place to spread out. 

Photography by Belle Morizio; Styling by Julia Stevens 

Best Nesting Coffee Tables

Fact: A coffee table can take up a lot of room. But what if it occupied no more floor space than a side table? Then we’re talking about a nonissue. And if you count among those who would rather eat seated on the floor than at a dining table or need to maximize your living room, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll have no problem fitting a box of pizza and a bottle of wine on these nesting coffee tables and then tucking them back together when you want to roll out the yoga mat. 

Best Nesting Side Tables

A side table isn’t a sofa necessity, but once you’re used to having a nearby surface to set your drink down on, it’s hard to go back. And this rings even truer when you have the luxury of two or three side tables nested. Go ahead, tuck your magazine pile in the gap when they’re layered, and disperse the tables around the house when you have guests. The style makes them great nightstands, too. 

Best Nesting Outdoor Tables

The best outdoor side tables are a trifecta of weather resistance, design forwardness, and space consciousness—thanks to dual-nesting capabilities. Our favorites are colorful steel trios, matte black metal coffee styles, and cast-aluminum iron iterations featuring playful garden-inspired shapes.