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We’re in the thick of the dog days of summer—sultry, hot, and heavy air plagues us wherever we go. And even if you do happen to escape the next heat wave by posting up near a body of water, the home you left behind certainly can’t. With your doors locked and windows shut, the lack of airflow and high humidity levels are sure to greet you with a musty odor upon your return. While turning on a fan or air conditioner may help, your best line of defense is actually an air purifier. 

No matter if you have a large, open home or a studio apartment, these sleek machines will have you breathing easy in no time. And one of our favorite makers, Coway, just so happens to have two units on sale. Both are equipped with a prefilter that traps larger particles like dust and hair, before scrubbing micro-size pollutants (we’re talking bacteria-size small) that cause all sorts of smells to ensure you come back to a fresh space. Read on for the discounted purifiers we’re eyeing.

For Small Spaces 

Small, Square Black Finish Air Purifier by Coway
Airmega 200M, Coway ($129 was $229)

Unassuming in appearance, this version promises to quietly clean spaces less than 400 square feet in size. Its square silhouette is limited to either a black or white finish, but its compact size allows for a ton of flexibility: You can easily tuck it into the corner of any room or under a console table. Take advantage of its timer function and have this running for a couple hours each day while you’re away, or bump up the fan to a faster speed for instant relief as soon as you walk through the front door. 

For Larger Rooms 

Standing White Air Purifier by Coway
Airmega 300, Coway ($299 was $499)

This upgrade not only provides you with greater coverage—up to 1,256 square feet—by sucking in air from all sides, but it can intuitively adapt its fan speeds (it features a range of five different slow to speedy settings) based on the pollutants in the air. And despite the bulkier frame, held up by tapered legs, it isn’t much louder than its smaller counterpart. This is the hottest deal that’ll keep you cool.