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Throw on a big white button-up, don your best straw bucket hat, and get ready to ride the wave of the coastal grandmother aesthetic. If you’ve seen any Nancy Meyers flicks (It’s Complicated or Something’s Gotta Give, for example), you already know about the look that has taken the Internet by storm of late. It’s the kind of my-beach-house-is-the-primary-residence energy exuded by stylish 60-somethings living their best neutral-colored lives—they’re tending the garden by day, sipping Chardonnay come sunset, and strolling the shore in between. And you know what? We’re 100 percent here for it.  

To the best of our Internet-sleuthing knowledge, the term was first coined by TikToker Lex Nicoleta, who said there’s a good chance you might be a coastal gran if you love “Meyers’s movies, recipes, cooking, Ina Garten, and cozy interiors.” (Check, check, and check!) 

So how does that translate into one’s home? Think slipcovers, beige on beige, and tons of beachy textures. And it’s simple enough that practically anyone—and any style house—can pull it off. Here are 20 pieces that prove you don’t have to have grandkids to be the coastal grandmother you were meant to be. (For those who’ve graduated beyond this vibe, there’s a new seasonal trend in tow: her name is Tomato Girl Summer.)

For the Bedroom

This aesthetic is all about slipcovered everything, and beds are no exception. On top of the frame, perfectly lived-in but impeccably crisp linens are imperative to feeling Diane Keaton–esque. And on the nightstand, a warm table lamp is required because, well, this grandma loves to read.  

For the Living Room

A coastal home is not complete without a few sea-inspired motifs, like a freshly shucked decoupage platter for the coffee table or a jute rug with pops of ocean blue to bring the room together. Beware, the look can get tacky fast, so stick to warm neutrals and fill a corner with a super-snuggly chair that begs you to curl up with an Elin Hilderbrand novel. 

For the Kitchen

A crock filled with wooden spoons is a must, along with a collection of copper pots on display. And do you even bake if you don’t keep a KitchenAid mixer on the counter? Don’t forget a gardening basket that works first for harvesting your homegrown tomatoes and then as a fruit bowl for showing them off.

For the Dining Area

In a good coastal grandmother’s home, a pretty serving stand is a necessity because there’s always a cake in the oven (lacelike plates or linen napkins are an obvious choice for accompanying a slice). At the center of the table, recycled glass jars give fresh-cut flowers a place for a relaxed exhibit.

For the Bathroom

Forget Byredo or Le Labo, the real grans of the coast keep a hand-care set from Williams Sonoma on deck, next to their embroidered hand towels. At the end of the day, plush hotel-style slippers are essential for shuffling around after a post-beach bath, when all that’s left is to slip into your white linen pj’s and call it a day.