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The wingback chair has a rep for being one of the least sexy seating options out there. If it’s not the matronly, floral kind that takes you back to childhood visits at your grandparents’ house, it’s the leather-clad iteration you might expect to see in a stodgy lawyer’s office. But over the weekend, Brooklyn Decker had us doing a double take on Instagram as she sat on a surprisingly stylish, updated version—no stuffy silhouette or sad upholstery to be seen. The actor gave the once-outdated design a major makeover, proving that this is no longer your grandma’s chair.

It’s the framework and the fabric for us. After a deep dive on the Internet, we were able to track Decker’s exact piece back to BDDW. The seat belies tradition with its exaggerated curved wings (which, historically, are meant to shield you from drafts of cold air), bonus headrest that’s suspended by natural leather straps, and cast-bronze ball feet. The design lover put her stamp on the furniture by swathing it in striped heavy linen fabric from textile house Zak+Fox, ultimately making it “the coolest chair in the whole wide world,” as Decker describes it. 

Where does such a chair find a home? Decker decided to place the updated seat in a room she has vowed to spend more time in: the den. The space already has a whimsical way about it with a picturesque mural that spans all four walls and the recent addition of a cool curvy coffee table. Now with her evolved wingback perch complete, there’s even more reason to sit and stay a while.