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For the second year in a row, Finland was named the world’s happiest country, and for good reason: The Scandinavian country is rife with nature, has the most saunas per capita, and legally mandates at least five weeks of paid vacation. Now, a new initiative by Business Finland will allow you to Rent a Finn on your own vacation in the hope that you’ll take away a few lessons on living a happier life.

Those who find themselves bitten by the wanderlust bug can apply to win a trip to Finland (that comes with a Finnish guide) by recording a video application about themselves, their desire to visit the country, and their relationship with nature. For the rest of us, a few key lessons can be taken away from a quiz developed by Finnish holistic coaching company Hintsa, which measures how balanced your life is on Rent a Finn’s site.

I consider myself a relatively content person, but I live in a city where I don’t come face-to-face with nature every day, I don’t exercise (much), I find myself more drawn to pasta more than steamed vegetables, and I maintain a pretty high level of stress on a day-to-day basis. On this quiz, I scored a mere 2.2 out of 5. Luckily, my results were also paired with some Finnish wellness tips for how I can improve the balance of my life, and these suggestions might just help you find your bliss too.

Consider Your Mental Health

Just as much as this quiz stresses the importance of physical activity and a well-rounded diet, it also notes the importance of caring for and cultivating your mental energy. A suggestion like “self-reflect, but don’t ruminate” may seem like a simple direction, but it can help you target the thought spirals that allow anxiety to percolate.

Stop Sitting So Much

Surprise! Even if you do make time to exercise, prolonged sitting comes with a slew of risk factors. Simply taking a few breaks a day to walk or stand can go a long way toward improving your physical and mental health.

Focus on Your Core

One of the most key focuses of Finnish wellness is on the “core,” which is essentially your personal identity and sense of purpose. Now, that might sound like a big concept to grasp, but essentially, focusing on your core just means figuring out what matters to you and sticking to your principles. You can feel better in a mere instant.

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