Published on February 4, 2019

If your breakfast needs a fresh dose of inspiration, allow wellness blogger, cookbook author, and certified health coach Lily Kunin to spark some wellness joy into your morning routine.

The founder of Clean Market and author of Good Clean Food: Super Simple Plant-Based Recipes for Every Day has built her feel-good mecca around the idea that healthy food does not need to be complicated, and that’s exactly what her mornings confirm too. In search for wellness inspiration, we asked Kunin what she eats and drinks every morning for guaranteed energy all day long.

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Courtesy of Lily Kunin

But First, Matcha

After being woken up by her adopted mini Goldendoodle, Otis, Kunin heads to the kitchen. “I typically start my morning with matcha and add coconut butter, collagen, and Clean Market’s house milk, which is a blend of almond and coconut milk,” she says.

Not Your Typical Breakfast

Then, she’ll have a few nut and fruit balls, ideally homemade, and a cup of bone broth. You can purchase bone broth frozen at health stores like Whole Foods or you can make your own batch at home. If you like meal planning, you could make a single batch on a Sunday that would last you for the whole week. If Kunin happens to have a more active day, she’ll also add in eggs and an avocado. “This satisfies my appetite for a while and keeps my energy levels up,” she says.

A Brainy Supplement

It wouldn’t be a wellness morning without a supplement or two. Kunin takes a B Active supplement every morning, which contains the entire spectrum of B vitamins (B1, B2, B6, and B12) to support brain, adrenal, and stress-related functions.


Start your morning like Kunin with a dreamy, super-powered matcha. Here are the three ingredients to get started. 

The Matcha, CAP Beauty, $36

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Courtesy of CAP

This ceremonial-grade matcha is certified organic and sourced straight from the matcha region of Japan, Shizuoka. The bright, vibrant powdered green tea is deliciously fresh tasting.

Coconut Butter, CAP Beauty, $28

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Courtesy of CAP

This coconut butter is unlike any other. It’s creamy and rich and when it’s mixed with the matcha, it makes for the most decadent morning mixture.

Collagen, Vital Proteins, $25

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Courtesy of Vital Proteins

This collagen is the gold star of pasture-raised bovine. It’s grass-fed and sustainably produced and sourced while also imparting 20 grams of collagen and 18 grams of protein in a single scoop. When added to your matcha, it makes for an energizing morning boost.