You Don’t Need a Passport to Eat Like You’re on Vacation Every Morning

Six breakfast recipes from around the world.
Photography by Half Baked Harvest

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In a groggy haze, you stumble to the kitchen, turn on the coffeepot, and grab a granola bar—if it’s a good day, you might even cut up a fruit. This is all well and good on a busy morning, but it’s no way to start your day off on a luxurious note. To truly make chilly winter mornings a bit more special, you need a meal that feels like a treat, even if it’s just a random Tuesday. That’s where these international breakfast recipes come in. 

Inspired by early-morning chefs from around the world, each of these dishes may take a bit more prep work than you’re used to, but if you’re a fan of slowing down and using your pre–work time to really unwind, we think you’ll find they’re well worth the extra effort. 

Photography by Culturally Ours

Winter Berry Jam

Sorry to burst your bubble, but in actuality, Parisians don’t kick off their days with a heaping pile of French toast. Instead, they favor a simpler approach that usually involves some form of flavorful jam slathered on bread or a pastry. This recipe from Culturally Ours is surprisingly simple to make, and you can stockpile it to enjoy all week long. 

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Black Rice Pudding With Coconut and Mango 

Start your day like the Thai do with a bowl of black rice, which is rich in antioxidants. This sweet treat from Bourbon and Honey is filling, plus you’ll get a chance to enjoy tropical fruits on a dreary day. 

Polenta Pancakes With Berries

This versatile Italian cooking staple works as both a savory dinner and sugary breakfast. Half Baked Harvest shows you how to master the latter with these fluffy little cornmeal cakes topped with fresh fruit.      

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Swedish cinnamon buns are a mainstay of fika (the Nordic tradition of coffee breaks), but we also love the idea of dunking one in our morning cappuccino. Salt & Wind’s take on the pastry was inspired by a trip to Stockholm and uses a good amount of cardamom, so you know they’re as authentic as it gets. 

Photography by Feasting at Home

Teff Porridge

Teff is an ancient grain from Ethiopia, made here by Feasting at Home with a simple topping of figs and walnuts. If you’ve been looking for a respite from steel-cut oats, might we suggest giving this equally healthy option a whirl? 

Photography by The Healthy Maven

Build-Your-Own Muesli

A staple of Switzerland (and any European country, really), this granola alternative is pretty much the ideal make-ahead nutritious breakfast. The Healthy Maven has the how-to; this recipe recommends soaking the muesli overnight in milk and serving the dish with fresh fruit and coconut flakes. You can even take it to go if you’re really swamped for time—hey, it’ll beat a sad Starbucks croissant any day. 

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