7 Healthy Breakfast Recipes That Are Worth Not Hitting “Snooze” For

Rise and shine.

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On busy mornings, a handful of cereal and a sip of coffee are all you have time to gulp down before heading out the door. Other days, a deli sandwich eaten on the subway becomes your most important meal of the day. And while that routine can be efficient, it isn’t exactly healthy.

Instead, take the few minutes you’d normally reserve for snoozing to make a healthy breakfast with these seven recipes, which either come together in minutes or can be stored for a whole week. From a smoothie bowl and baked oatmeal to egg muffins and cornmeal waffles, these ideas can fill you up with ease. Once you get in the habit of making them, you’ll curb that sleeping-in habit for good.

Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl 

The bright shade of this smoothie bowl from The Minimalist Baker is sure to wake you up, thanks in large part to its mixture of frozen dragon fruit and raspberries. Ripe bananas, vanilla protein powder, and dairy-free milk are blended in with the rest, and then the bowl is topped with coconut flakes and granola. 

Breakfast Egg Muffins

Courtesy of The Modern Proper

If you have a crowd to serve in the morning, keep this breakfast recipe from The Modern Proper in mind. Eggs and milk are poured into a muffin tin before cooked bacon, cheddar cheese, and jalapeños are added. After the muffins have cooked, they’re topped with fresh cilantro. 

Mango Berry Smoothie

Courtesy of The Minimalist Baker

Have a busy morning ahead? Whip up this smoothie recipe from The Minimalist Baker in a flash, which blends mango chunks, raspberries, coconut milk, fresh ginger, shredded coconut, and protein powder together. The smoothie is topped with hemp seeds for even more nutritious texture. 

Low-Calorie Blueberry Cornmeal Waffles

Courtesy of Half Baked Harvest

The best thing about this recipe from Half Baked Harvest is that it makes it possible to enjoy a healthier version of waffles. That’s because it’s made with ground cornmeal, frozen blueberries, whole-wheat flour, and buttermilk, resulting in a light and fluffy waffle that clocks in at only 162 calories per serving. Pour blueberry maple syrup on top and dig in. 

Baked Oatmeal

Courtesy of The Minimalist Baker

If you need a breakfast recipe that can last a few days, make this baked oatmeal from The Minimalist Baker on Monday and enjoy it all week. The recipe is made with mashed ripe banana, melted coconut oil, flax eggs, maple syrup, chopped walnuts, and rolled oats and can be stored for up to four days. 

Energy Bites

Courtesy of Chelsea’s Messy Apron

Sometimes, sitting down to eat breakfast is wishful thinking. If you’re short on time, make these energy bites from Chelsea’s Messy Apron. Oat flour, creamy peanut butter, honey, vanilla extract, and old-fashioned oats are combined to create these on-the-go treats, which can last a whole week.

Apricot Oat Bars

Courtesy of Crowded Kitchen

While it’s true that you might have to be a little patient to make these vegan bars from Crowded Kitchen, the taste will be worth it—not to mention they’ll last a while. A crust of rolled oats, coconut sugar, sunflower seeds, and honey serves as the base for fresh apricots mixed with cane sugar and orange zest. Bake until the crust is golden and slice into squares.

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