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I was struggling to find my go-to breakfast. Cereal hardly kept me full on my 40-minute morning commute, and the cookies I sometimes scarfed down with my coffee, admittedly, weren’t doing me any favors. The to-go avocado toast phase I went through wasn’t sustainable, and I couldn’t motivate myself to make eggs before 10 am. Oatmeal, I eventually realized, was the one option left that held any sort of promise.

Only, the thing is, it felt boring to me. Nothing seemed exciting about starting a day with a bowl of gruel. In fact, it seemed like the breakfast equivalent of an all-beige living room—AKA, so not my style. But then, I started doing some research. And I realized that oatmeal had so many more possibilities than I realized.

When you add spices and berries and even the occasional carrot (yes, I’m serious—keep reading), a bowl of utilitarian oatmeal becomes colorful and delightful. Now, I start every morning with a bowl of oatmeal that I take 10 minutes to make on the stovetop. It’s even become something I actually look forward to.

Ready to discover the world of possibilities this easy, affordable breakfast has to offer? Here are a few healthy oatmeal recipes I love.

1-Bowl Banana Chocolate Chip Banana Baked Oatmeal

When you want to impress your family with a delicious brunch but don’t want to wake up early to slave in the kitchen, turn to this recipe from Minimalist Baker. This baked oatmeal feels fancier than the stovetop version. All you have to do is mix ingredients in one bowl, spoon it into a pan, and bake.

Brown Sugar Pear Steel-Cut Oats

I’ll be honest: I wasn’t a fan of steel-cut oats until I realized that I just wasn’t giving them enough time in the pot to become irresistibly creamy. Minimalist Baker’s brown sugar version is topped with sauteed pears to create a decadent breakfast.

Butter-Toasted Oat Breakfast Bowls

No offense, but if you’re only buttering your toast in the morning, you’re doing it wrong. How Sweet Eats makes a compelling case that the best oatmeal is sauteed with a little bit of butter for five minutes. A can of coconut milk sweetens the deal.

Coconut Milk Steel Cut Oatmeal

Your Instant Pot can make mornings way easier if you give it a chance. Mel’s Kitchen Cafe proves that you just need 15 minutes to create a hearty breakfast the whole family will enjoy. Top it with chopped nuts and coconut shreds for texture.

Earl Grey Blueberry Oatmeal

Drink your tea and eat it too—in the form of Half Baked Harvest’s earl grey tea version. For a single serving, you just need one tea bag. Use fresh blueberries, bananas, or other in-season produce to top it off.

Baked Oatmeal With Blueberries

Hot tip: You can totally mix up Love and Lemons’s baked oatmeal the night before and pop it in the oven in morning. No one will be able to tell the difference, and you’ll have a breakfast that’s basically a healthier version of a blueberry crumble.

Savory Steel-Cut Oatmeal

It’s not all maple syrup and fresh berries. Cookie and Kate makes a compelling reason to give savory oats a go with this easy recipe. Get creative with your mix-ins: Shredded cheese, nutritional yeast, and a drizzle of olive oil are all great options.

Healthy Cinnamon Protein Oatmeal

Yes, this oatmeal by Food Faith Fitness looks super fancy, but it comes together in just 15 minutes. A little bit of cream cheese makes it taste rich while staying healthy. We recommend drizzling some Hella on top.

Instant Pot Banana Bread Steel Cut Oats

Want to start your day with some delicious banana bread but avoid crashing a few hours later? Mel’s Kitchen Cafe has got your back. Best of all, there’s a strong chance you already have all the ingredients you need.

Morning Glory Oatmeal

Is carrot cake more your speed? Cookie and Kate sees you. This recipe will help you to up your vegetable intake long before lunch. Oh, and it’s vegan!

Toasted Coconut Overnight Oats

If you press snooze more than you should, might we recommend trying overnight oats? How Sweet Eats’s tropical recipe will keep you full until it’s time for lunch, thanks to the addition of Greek yogurt.

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