Published on November 16, 2017

Tis the season of one-pot meals—slow-cooker, one sheet, one-pan… the possibilities are literally endless. Whether you’re whipping up a pie or a pot of pasta for an easy weeknight meal, the sheer idea of utilizing no more than a single pan for making dinner is something we can really get behind. Here, we rounded up the best recipes utilizing one of our culinary staples: the cast iron skillet. Take a peek at the dishes we’ll be making this month. 

skillet shepherd’s pie

Can you imagine a more mouthwatering and hearty dish? Decadent layers of beef, veggies, and a creamy mashed potato topping earmark this pie as a cold-weather essential. 

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butternut squash beefy pot pie

We can’t decide what we’re craving more – the flakey crust, rich beef stew, or the absolutely adorable mini cocottes. 

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sweet potato casserole with a pecan crumble

In a bind for a last-minute sweet this holiday season? Try this ultra quick and easy take on a classic sweet potato casserole. 

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The ever-so picture-perfect Shakshuka is a combo of eggs, tomatoes, and onions, layered with a medley of dry spices and fresh herbs. Serve with a goat cheese or feta crumble and a side of toasted bread.

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sweet potato casserole with marshmallow thyme

This maple-brown butter drenched sweet potato blend with homemade thyme infused, marshmallows just became our go-to favorite. Consider this the spotlight of your holiday table.

hot gruyere and white wine chicken dip

Spice things up at your next game night with this deliciously decadent dip, layered with garlic, thyme, and hints of white wine. 

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bacon and egg yakiudon

Sunday brunch with an Eastern twist. With udon noodles and crispy fried bacon, this mouthwatering blend is a must-try.

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potato masala and eggs

Try this inspired blend of exotic flavors – coconut milk and masala paste – to transform your typical plate of skillet-fried eggs.

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stuffing rolls

Update your Thanksgiving table with this ultra clever twist on rolls and stuffing. With plenty of herbs and fresh veggies, these stuffing rolls may become your new favorite.

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broccoli, chicken sausage, and orzo skillet

This easy, weeknight meal features a garlic-sauteed blend of sausage and broccoli, plus a warm chicken broth base loaded with flavor and heartiness. 

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perfect porterhouse steak

Steak in a skillet? We’re intrigued. Seasoned liberally and flawlessly seared, this juicy take is pure perfection.

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baked mac and cheese

This two-cheese, mustard and nutmeg-spiced take on a classic features an utterly delectable, crispy crust top.

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mini bourbon caramelized peach baked alaska

There is really nothing quite like a decadent peach crumble Baked Alaska, served with a heaping side of butter pecan ice cream.

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skillet brownies

Bake these crisp and gooey skillet brownies in mini cast iron skillets for a personalized treat!

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grilled onions with walnut romesco

This surprisingly delicious combo of lightly charred onions topped with a nutty tomato sauce makes for the perfect dinner side.

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montanara pizza

More commonly known as fried pizza, this classic Italian dish features a fried crust, marinara sauce, and a deliciously baked cheesy topping. 

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chicken pot pie with butternut squash

A seasonal twist on a classic comfort dish, with no shortage of bold flavors and fresh herbs.

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roasted chicken legs with barbecue sauce

Skip the typical grill setup in lieu of this oven-roasted variety. A jalapeno, ginger, and rum sauce only elevates this bbq classic. 

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peach and plum crumble

An absolutely heavenly mix of baked fruit with thick layers of crunch, topped with a scoop (or two!) of vanilla ice cream. 

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skillet chicken tortilla pie

Homemade tomato sauce, southwestern seasoning, and loads of melted mozzarella. This hearty dish is simply a must-try.

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spinach and sun dried tomato frittata

Fresh veggies lend a refreshing note to these ultra mini frittatas. 

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apple pancake

Rethink this breakfast staple with a dash of cinnamon and baked apples. 

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skillet lasagna

The benefit of cooking lasagna in a skillet? An easy, one-pot meal with a crisp and cheesy crust that is pure perfection. 

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ricotta berry french toast casserole

Casseroles may not have the best rep but, throw French toast into the mix and you’ve got something pretty special. This mixed-berry take is a sweet indulgence we can’t get enough of. 

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cinnamon sugar swirl loaf

Think of this as an upgraded version of the classic cinnamon roll with the addition of a warm brown sugar and cinnamon filling

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pan-seared sausage with lady apples

A mouthwatering combo featuring a bold, white wine sauce coupled with the refreshing notes of sweet apples, and lightly sautéed watercress.

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swiss chard quinoa cakes

Eating healthy never looked this good. Aside from the surprisingly delicious pairing of swiss chard and parmesan, this cumin-spiced dish is served with a refreshing dollop of mashed garlic yogurt.

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skillet eggs and potato

This hearty breakfast must-have features a mouthwatering combination of potatoes, tomatoes, kale, and a savory garlic and herb spice mix. 

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jalapeno cornbread

For the holiday table in need of a little spice, try this cheesy jalapeno take on the classic cornbread.

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roasted baby artichokes and pearl onions

This veggie-friendly combo of lemon-zested artichokes and roasted pearl onions will lend a delightfully refreshing note to just about any dinner table.

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lamb with beer and roasted garlic

With a thyme and garlic marinade, this sizzling recipe should be the star of your next date night in.

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blueberry skillet crumbles

We’re swooning over these mini, personalized blueberry skillet crumbles, loaded with flavor and plenty of charm!

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garlic shrimp

Inspired by Hawaii’s iconic shrimp trucks, this favorite features a refreshing blend of citrus and herbs, plus a mouthwatering garlic butter sauce that really seals the deal.

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salted maple apple tart

This indulgent tart, made from the season’s quintessential flavors, is simple, sweet, and pure perfection.

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rosemary focaccia bread

This soft yet hearty recipe results in a deliciously warm and flavored bread, riddled with cozy notes of rosemary. 

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roasted chicken

This rotisserie-inspired take, loaded with spices and bold flavors, just became a weeknight favorite. 

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purple cauliflower with garlic and saffron

Aside from the stunning palate of this delectable dish, an eclectic mix of exotic spices (from Hungarian paprika to fresh saffron) inspire a truly unique element.

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skillet huevos rancheros

A crispy tortilla layer comes topped with beans, ranchero sauce, a tomato-onion mix, and a sunny-side-up egg garnish. 

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skillet apple cobbler

An autumnal take on a summer classic, with a warm blend of the season’s quintessential spices plus an utterly irresistible crumbled top.

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lilac sugar donuts

Who said you need a deep fryer to make donuts? A heavenly brioche donut dough coupled with fresh lilac petal-infused sugar make for the perfect pair in this floral-accented treat.

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chocolate chip cookie with caramel and sea salt

A cookie in a skillet? Say no more. This deep-dish version tastes just as heavenly as it sounds (and looks!).

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spinach feta oven frittata 

A healthy take on a brunch classic, seasoned with oregano and a heaping spoonful of feta cheese.

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cheesy grilled skillet potatoes

Layered with bacon and a medley of fresh herbs such as thyme, rosemary, and chives, this hearty dish is just the thing for a cold, winter’s night.

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korean braised beef

Korean barbecue is notorious for its eclectic mix of fresh spices used to accentuate the underlying notes of a tender cut of beef. This soy braised, slow-cooked version is packed with flavor and plenty of warmth.  

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black and blue mac and cheese

Featuring a cheddar and blue cheese crumble, this stout-beer based take on mac and cheese is simply irresistible. 

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roasted potatoes with burrata 

Crispy, roasted, and indulgently cheesy, this brunch basic will instantly elevate your weekend mornings. 

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Originally published November 2016. Updated November 2017.

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