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For most of our lives, we’re given consistent pieces of dietary advice: that breakfast is the most important meal and that we should eat at least two and a half cups of vegetables a day. Yet aside from the occasional greens-filled omelet or frittata, veggies don’t frequently take the spotlight in this ever-important start to your day. 

That was the case until breakfast salads came along, anyway. Though they’re not exactly a new trend, it seems like they’re here to stay, because they make it so easy to guarantee you’re getting enough greens on a daily basis. These seven recipes in particular actually taste like breakfast, too, thanks to ingredients like baked potatoes, poached eggs, and fresh fruit—your usual a.m. suspects. Whether you prefer to start your day in a sweet or savory way, you’re sure to find something here that will both satisfy your cravings and get you a full serving of vegetables before noon. 

Blueberry, Sweet Potato, and Sesame Salad

In addition to being totally vegan, this number from Minimalist Baker is packed with healthy fats that are sure to keep you satisfied until lunch. If you don’t have fresh blueberries on hand, feel free to swap in whichever fresh berries you do have. And know that you can easily kick the sweetness up a notch with a dash of maple syrup or honey. 

Avocado Citrus Crunch Salad With Oat Croutons and a Buttermilk Drizzle 

How Sweet Eats’s recipe uses revolutionary oat croutons to add much needed texture, protein, and sweetness to this otherwise delicate dish. The black pepper–buttermilk drizzle will make it a bit more savory, so opt for a sweeter vinaigrette if that’s not what you’re looking for. Something citrus based is your best bet. 

Smoked Salmon Breakfast Bowl With a Six-Minute Egg

This bowl from A Thought for Food is bursting with umami flavor thanks to a combo of crispy mushrooms and smoked salmon. Add a few capers to turn it into a bagel lover’s dream come true. To make your morning easier, prep the veggies in advance so all you have to do is throw everything together when you’re ready to eat. 

Sweet and Savory Breakfast Salad

A bit of lime or lemon juice is all it takes to tie together all the dissonant flavors of this salad from Flora and Vino. And it’s ideal for all seasons, because it can easily be served warm or cold. If you do prefer it warm, just be sure to eat it with roasted sweet potatoes fresh from the oven. 

Fruity Breakfast Salad

If the idea of eating a bowlful of veggies for breakfast makes your stomach flip, this sweet salad from Simply Healthyish may make the idea a bit easier to swallow. It’s basically a fruit salad with a bit of kale tucked in for good measure and a drizzle of date syrup to keep the whole thing on the sweet side. 

Breakfast Salad With Everything Bagel Seasoning

If you don’t already have a jar of Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel seasoning, this recipe from Get Inspired Everyday will give you a reason to stock up on it. A fried egg and breakfast sausages make the whole thing feel like a diner meal that’s a bit healthier than what you’d usually get. 

Fall Breakfast Salad

Though this recipe from Eating Bird Food was designed with fall in mind, you can easily get the sweet potatoes and apples you need to make it anytime of the year. Basically, it’s a great option whenever you’re in a cozy, sweater-weather mood.

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