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Breakfast fans out there know just how satisfying a breakfast sandwich can be. But all too often, we’re racing out the door, grabbing a protein bar and coffee along the way. Instead of frying up a savory, stacked sandwich, we’re skimping most days, saving up for long, leisurely weekend meals. Well, no more. We’ve rounded up some of the most delicious recipes—we’re talking healthy, pre-prepared, on-the-go friendly, and all-out indulgent. These breakfast ideas are sure to make sure you start your day off right—every day of the week.

The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

Ever fancy adding a bit of guac to your morning sandwich? This one’s got that, and so much more. Pepper jack cheese and a garlic butter tomato sauce (on a croissant, no less!) really do make it the ultimate breakfast sandwich.

Apple and Veggie Morning Sandwich

If eating meat in the morning (or ever) isn’t your thing, this vegetarian option is for you. It takes less than 5 minutes to make and still gives you the protein and fiber that will keep you going. Plus, it’s got a little bit of sweet and savory.

Croque Monsieur

Mouthwatering ham and gruyere cheese melt together in this modern take on a traditional croque monsieur. Using a flaky croissant as your base makes it the perfect grab and go option.

Freezer-Friendly Turkey Sausage Sandwich

Easy enough to eat on the run, these veggie-packed sandwiches are super healthy, made with turkey sausage, avocado, spinach egg scramble, and topped with some bright sprouts. Make a few and freeze your extras to have for the rest of the week.

Bacon, Egg, and Avocado Bagel

A heartier option? A bagel loaded with fresh, delicious ingredients, that is still simple enough to whip up in practically no time. Make your eggs however you like, top them with fresh avocado and bacon, and you’re done.

Make-Ahead Veggie-Egg Sandwich

Get ready for your entire week with these prepped veggie and egg sandwiches that are super easy to make. Create the egg bake over the weekend, store in the fridge, and enjoy this healthy options for days to come.

Sweet Potato Waffle Sandwich

This genius idea screams breakfast in bed. It involved throwing sweet potato tots onto a waffle iron before adding all the breakfast essentials: eggs, cheese, and bacon, of course. A bit of lettuce and tomato make this unique sandwich worthy of a weekend feast.

Toasted Breakfast English Muffin

Smoked ham, crispy bacon, egg, sautéed spinach, and mushroom (all on an English muffin) make this handful of goodness possible. Healthy and hearty enough for any day of the week.

Grilled Nutella Cheese Croissant

Let’s be real, Nutella makes everything better. This combo on a grilled croissant is a (very) sweet way to start your day.

Avocado, Strawberry, Goat Cheese Toast

A fresh take on the traditional avocado toast that’s become a morning staple for so many of us. Simply add some sweet strawberries and melted goat cheese for a unique twist on a classic. Leave them as open faced sandwiches or add an extra piece of toast on top to eat on the go.

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