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It’s quite the conundrum: You don’t want to peel off those layers of duvets and quilts to face the day, yet your stomach is starting to rumble. In frosty season, lazy weekend mornings are particularly tempting—but what better way to coax you out of hibernation than the promise of a hot, delicious meal? In fact, the right brunch idea might just be enough to make winter feel like a treat.

Maybe you’d like to make a big batch of baked French toast to enjoy with your crew, or perhaps you’re craving a savory egg sandwich that you can enjoy solo while catching up on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Either way, feel free to grab a blanket to wrap around your shoulders as you chow down—or consider enjoying breakfast in bed. Go ahead. You deserve it.

Baked French Toast

This low-effort, high-reward dish isn’t just a crowd-pleaser—it also makes cleanup a breeze. All you need is a bowl, a baking dish, and a whisk to whip up The Modern Proper’s recipe. Tear, mix, pour, and use that hour it’s in the oven to brew some coffee and relax.

Caramelized Onion Breakfast Sandwiches

You could wait in line at your local bagel shop, or you could spend that time still in your pj’s, caramelizing onions and mushrooms (a surprisingly soothing activity). A Beautiful Mess’s croissant sandwich is totally worth it—and it will make more than enough for the whole family.

Crispy Belgian Waffles

Sure, these classic Belgian waffles by Half Baked Harvest taste great with just maple syrup (or whipped cream and fruit if you’re feeling fancy), but you can also make the holiday season last a little longer by topping them with eggnog-spiced butter. Just a suggestion!

Crispy Breakfast Potatoes With Chili Garlic Oil and Herbs

You know those mornings when you wake up and think—pardon the outdated phrase—I could eat a horse? These potatoes by Half Baked Harvest are made for those days. When served with a smattering of soft-boiled eggs, they’re the perfect power combination of carbs and protein that will keep you going.

Gingerbread Pancakes

No, gingerbread is not just for Christmas. Yes, it will make you feel warm and comforted even when a snowstorm is threatening to keep you indoors all day. This recipe by A Couple Cooks incorporates oat flour (which is as simple as putting oatmeal in your blender or food processor) to make your stack a little heartier. 

Pimento Cheese Brunch Grits

When Saturday rolls around, swap your weekday oatmeal for something a bit more indulgent, like How Sweet Eats’s pimento cheese grits. There are plenty of toppings to consider: Sunny-side up eggs are always a classic, and bacon will add some smokiness, but salsa and avocado are great options, too. Whatever you choose, feel free to sprinkle on extra cheese.

Vegan Shakshuka

Yes, it is possible to make an amazing savory brunch with nary an egg. Crowded Kitchen’s vegan shakshuka swaps in tofu to give this veggie-forward dish a boost of protein. Don’t forget to grab a hearty baguette (or pita or naan) to enjoy it with.

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