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One of the greatest joys of Thanksgiving—apart from spending quality time with family and friends, of course—is the inevitable abundance of leftovers. In fact, the practice of repurposing dishes from the night before has become a tradition in itself.

While we’re happy to indulge in the cliché post-Thanksgiving sandwich, complete with all the fixings, an alternative approach to making the most of the food (and leftover ingredients!) can be just as delicious.

Fit for a crowd and featuring items you already (probably) have in your fridge, read on for the mouthwatering recipes we’ll be whipping up the next morning.

Pull-Apart Thanksgiving Leftover Stuffed Bread


What may seem like a standard pull-apart loaf is actually a guise for all your decadent leftovers. Simply stuff the dough balls with whatever you have in the fridge, bake it to a flaky point of perfection, and serve with a side of leftover gravy or cranberry sauce.

Get the recipe at Food52.

Thanksgiving Leftovers Waffles

Two Red Bowls

This leftovers waffles recipe features an ingenious combination of all the staples—stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy, and stock—to form a truly indulgent rendition of a breakfast classic.

Get the recipe at Two Red Bowls.

Green Chile Butternut Squash and Turkey Enchiladas

Half Baked Harvest

Garnished with crispy sage and layered with a decadent cheese blend, these chile-spiced enchiladas come with an abundant array of seasonal flavors. Serve with a side of cranberry salsa for a sweet yet tart addition.

Get the recipe at Half Baked Harvest.

This story was originally published in November 2018. It has since been updated.