Published on December 22, 2017

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Finding yourself at a loss for what to make on Christmas morning? This classic dish has proven to be a culinary staple, especially when large gatherings are in question. The savory tart typically entails some sort of meat or vegetable filling, mixed in with the standard egg-milk-cream combo. The result is an undeniably indulgent dish, which serves up a uniquely delicious combination of warmth and flavor. If you have yet to catch on, we’re talking about quiche. This versatile classic can be prepared ahead, standing in as the star dish for breakfast, brunch, or dinner. While the array of ingredient-based variations can ultimately differ, one detail remains the same: the utter happiness that results from a freshly-cut slice.

With this in mind, we set out to uncover the best of the best quiche recipes the internet has to offer. And, we certainly weren’t disappointed. Regardless of your culinary expertise, or lack of, we’re confident that you will find a take, which will be perfect for your Christmas morning brunch.

Deep dish spinach and prosciutto quiche

With a generous blend of cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, and a mouthwatering sesame crust, this delectable mix from Half Baked Harvest is what we will be serving on Christmas morning. 

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Photography by GARLICANDZEST

Loaded baked potato quiche

Loaded baked potatoes in the form of quiche? Consider us intrigued. With layers of cheese and plenty of bacon, this unique combo by Garlic and Zest will definitely hit the spot.

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Sausage mushroom quiche

This hearty blend, from Whole Food, Real Families features freshly grated cheddar and a refreshing garnish of chopped chives. The thick, golden crust is also a plus. 

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Zucchini walnut quiche
Sweet Peas and Saffron knows how to make a good quiche. Here, subtle hints of garlic paired with zucchini and ricotta cheese, complete the nutty take on a classic.

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Photography by FOODIECRUSH

Deep-dish spinach, leek, and bacon quiche

We can’t wait to sink our teeth into this cheesy, bacon, veggie-loaded mix from Foodie Crush! Aside from looking utterly delicious, it also comes with a handful of the brunch staples. 

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Photography by TUKSKITCHEN

Smoked salmon millet quiche

Healthy crust aside, this creative version from Tuk’s Kitchen features salmon, artichokes, and a sprinkle of fresh pine nuts.

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Green monster quiche

This dairy-free version from Occasionally Eggs comes loaded with fresh zucchini and a generous handful of fragrant basil leaves. We’re loving it for its rather untraditional shape that’s definitely big-crowd-friendly. 

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Photography by OANDOEATS

Leek and asparagus quiche
O & O Eats’ cheesy green blend features a slew of hearty flavors and a generous dose of gruyere.

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Mushroom quiche

Cake or quiche? You decide. With a buttery pastry shell and pounds of cheese coated mushrooms, this heavenly variation from Smitten Kitchen is a must-try. Its deep-dish-esque quality is even more reason to make it. 

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Photography by OHSHEGLOWS

Sundried tomato and tofu quiche

This (slightly) healthier recipe from Oh She Glows features the most refreshing ingredients and a unique medley of spices including; gluten-free rolled oats and coconut oil. 

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Photography by WELLPLATED

Sundried tomato pesto quiche

An inspired mix of the most refreshing ingredients and refined flavors, this zesty recipe from Well Plated definitely errs on the healthier side. 

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Kale chorizo potato quiche

What makes this variation from The Kitchen Paper so delicious? We’d like to think that the chorizo and cheddar mix may have something to do with it.

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Photography by HIPFOODIEMOM

Apple and cheddar quiche

This sweet and savory combo from Hip Foodie Mom boasts a hint of fresh thyme and a spicy pinch of nutmeg, resulting in a slightly spicer take on the usual. 

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Mini quiches with jerusalem artichokes
What’s Cooking Good Looking offers up a refreshing pairing of chives and sunchokes to lend a unique flavor dynamic courtesy of the array of bold herbs used within. Its (almost) bite-sized stature is only an added bonus. 

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Photography by FOOD52

Tomato kale quiche

Put leftovers to good use with this clever take from Food52, featuring a parmesan rice crust and a refreshing bunch of fresh kale.

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Asparagus and goat cheese quiche

Caramelized onions complement the tangy flavors of fresh goat cheese in this hearty blend from Edible Sound Bites, which will surely please your guests on Christmas morning. 

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Goat cheese figs with serrano and figs

All eyes on this visually stunning dish courtesy of Bake to the Roots, featuring fresh figs, crème fraîche, and a gentle hint of thyme. 

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Photography by GENTL & HYERS for bon appetit
Is it just us or does caramelized garlic really elevate the ordinary? A sweet hint of garlic with a touch of maple syrup imparts this unique recipe from Bon Appetit with a sweet and savory quality that can’t be rivaled. 
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This decadently cheesy mix from The Crepes of Wrath channels the quintessence of the classic dish: a rich depth of flavor and a heartiness that is simply incomparable. 
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Photography by LADYANDPUPS

Chicken in the swamp

Just what exactly does a “swamp” pie entail? Here, Lady and Pups’ creamy custard is topped with a chicken, garlic, and thyme blended filling. Experimenting with unique flavors pairings strongly encouraged.

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Roasted vegetable tart

Perfect for brunch or dinner, this savory tart from Bon Appetit offers a hint of fennel and balsamic vinegar that is a welcome refresh from the usual.

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Cheesy wild rice quiche

This clever blend from Lovely Little Kitchen comes with Canadian bacon (yes, please) and the rich flavor of wild rice.

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Spring greens vegan quiche
Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes suggests a healthy alternative that doesn’t compromise on taste. And yes, that includes no shortage of bold flavors and seasonal greens.

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Crustless mini quiche

These mini, crustless treats from Will Cook for Friends is simple to whip up for a last-minute fete. Its crustless, mini-size makes it perfect for a crowd. 

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Photography by SAVEUR

Date, parsley, and sumac quiche

With the sweet richness of dates —coupled with almonds and fragrant hint of sumac—Saveur’s take on a classic quiche is definitely a must.

Originally published December 2015. Updated December 2017.

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